3G President of OFBJP-US

3G President of OFBJP-US

Ever since HinduSentinel’s articles have pressurized the President of OFBJP to resign, while many people appreciated, the man himself has allegedly indulged in mudslinging of the author, website and journalism in general. Just like dogs bark, the only way some people defend themselves is, not proving themselves innocent, but by resorting to personal attacks. The immediate past president is a 3G President.

Who is a 3G president, one may ask. It is akin to 3G technology in cell phones. Any president who is unwilling to giveup the post and continues in it forever and ever and ever and ever until cows come home, and whose presidency runs into multiple generations (at least Third Generation) is called a 3G president. It is possible that some presidents could run a risk of PPS (Post Presidential Syndrome). Some symptoms of this disease (although not verified by CDC), could include some or all of the following:

  • Personal attack on authors for exposing greed and selfish to continue as president forever
  • Lack of ability to defend
  • denying credit to hardworking karyakartas
  • Frustration due to unexpected pressure
  • Employing small time paid whatsapp goons from their own caste
  • Spreading rumors on social media and other media
  • Using organization and political party (BJP in this case) as a shield to cover their greed and inefficacies
  • Using names of Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers and cleverly shifting blame onto a political party
  • Claiming credit for the victory of the party (more than the Prime Ministerial candidate himself) by pretending to make a few pretensive phone calls
  • Branding people as antiIndian or Anti-Modi

It is understandable that sudden loss of Presidential post due to media exposing nepotism and greed, can cause temporary breakdown of central nervous system, but that is no excuse to personally attack journalists in social media. This is not the first time antisocial elements and his paid goons resorted to attacks. Author was attacked before by the leader’s casteist whatsapp goons. Author recommends such incapable and selfish leaders who use their party and organization as a shield, to learn from their own leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is a self-made man with discipline and conviction. Mr.Modi rose to where he is today, not with such petty politics but by his hard work and selfless service. If the 3G president of OFBJP-US is unaware of Mr.Modi, his website is www.narendramodi.in

Hardworking and capable karyakartas should always be at the core. A strong organization is formed not by selecting bhajan gangs from one’s own caste, but by carefully selecting most able and capable karyakartas. It is a shame some 3G presidents don’t realize that.

Hindusentinel wishes the remote-controlled (from FL) 3G president a speedy recovery from the PPD syndrome and also congratulates the president in setting a world record of never-ending nominated (not elected) terms in the history of the organization.For an author who faced death threats for fearless journalism, selfish and remote controlled 3G presidents suffering from PPS are never a bother!

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