Mahabharat and OFBJP-US

Mahabharat and OFBJP-US

History is man’s best teacher. It always teaches great lessons (to those who are willing to learn from it, at least). It is common knowledge that Dritarashtra’s ambition to stay as king forever and his never ending love for the throne and his son are the one of the primary reasons behind the war of Kurukshetra. Dritarashtra was blind both from inside and outside. His greed for the throne was so enormous that he paid no attention to Mahatma Vidur and several other well wishers, including Pitamah Bhishma. Kripacharya and Dronacharya. 

The reason for this preface is the striking similarity which current President of OFBJP-USA shares with Dhritarashtra. Both suffer from their never ending love and greed for the throne (in the case of OFBJP-USA, it is the post of the President). The only difference being, Dhritarashtra was appointed as an elected representative of Pandu, and the current president seems to be on what could be termed as a never ending H1B extension, with an EAD (Employment Authorization Document). Repeated representation is never an issue, as long as it is the result of a democratic election (as is the case of Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, or Barack Obama) or a unanimous approval, in the absence of either competition or lack of qualified candidates. Unfortunately, in the case of OFBJP-USA, neither is true. There is no dearth of qualified candidates and experience within the group. However, the current “leaders” seem to be surrounded by sycophancy (a.k.a “Bhajan batch” from the President’s own coterie).

In politics, greed (to stick to Presidency forever) and arrogance (to step down) will always lead to automatic downfall. Everything shall and will come to an end, be it COVID or the presidency. Nothing is or will be permanent. If anyone thinks otherwise, he is deluding himself.

All deserving karyakartas should be given a chance, regardless of where they come from and which community they represent. It is the Karyakartas who make an organization, not vice versa.

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