What’s common between Queen Elizabeth and OFBJP-US

What’s common between Queen Elizabeth and OFBJP-US

Just like they say, there are two things we cannot avoid, death and taxes. There are only two posts: Her Excellency, Queen Elizabeth II and His Excellency President of OfBJP-US, whose terms are caught up in an infinite loop and never seem to end. If democratically elected, popular vote always prevails, regardless of the number of terms, hence is never questioned. However, that is not the case with nominated posts.

Per the constitution of Ofbjp-US, a President is elected for a term of two years. Second grade math tells us, the term of a President who gets elected in May 2016 should end in May 2018. However, can a President continue to be under temporary monthly extension from May 2018 for two years (and possibly forever)? This happened with the past president too (although in a much simpler manner of two straight terms, of course nominated!). This gives an impression that the moral compass of Presidents in the organization always points always toward keeping their grip on power.

Can an organization ignore other qualified Presidential aspirants, especially when there is quite a few? Can a team of one or two people continue to pick their favorites? Can the voices of qualified candidates be suppressed? These are some pressing questions which any responsible organization should at least attempt to answer. Any qualified hardworking karyakarta can aspire to become President and should be given a chance, however, the intention would be frowned upon when an incumbent is unwilling to relinquish his/her post in a quest to compete with the Queen of England or President of China. Posts and titles are tentative. Every can of beans has an expiration. For any organization, it is the karyakartas who make up the Organization, converse is not true. It would be a shame if an organization does not want to realize this.

Why does this matter one would question. It does if an organization “claims” to represent overseas political diaspora of a major national/ruling party outside the home country. If even a President of the most powerful nation has a democratically elected term-limit of two terms, why shouldn’t a nominated President be limited? Will the organization recognize the hard work of karyakartas or would it continue to brazenly ignore and continue the same President on a monthly extension for as long as mankind exists? To be seen.

Unending love for the chair and arrogance will only lead to downfall!

Tagline:  Karyakartas make up an organization, not the other way round!

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