Attack on Journalism

Attack on Journalism


On what can be considered as an attack on journalism and freedom of expression, It was Arnab Goswami of Republic TV and now is the turn of the author of the previous article. (Readers who missed it can refer here.) Attacks on journalists seem to be in vogue. The author is not in a habit of writing follow-up articles since a phone attack is insignificant in relation to death threats he has received. However there is this fourth category of karyakartas whom the society should stay away from. More about this later. As expected, the author has been attacked for speaking in favor of hardworking karyakartas, alluded to as Muslim sympathizer (for questioning non existence of Muslim and other religious posts in the organization), AntiKashmiri and Anti National for questioning and exposing the internal lack of democracy and thriving sycophancy. Before exposing the dirty side of the reaction, the author would like to thank all the many readers who appreciated the opinion piece and some who politely/respectfully disagreed. Disagreement is a fact and should be accepted and respected. Let’s first deploy some “gyan”. Yeah yeah, this is needed.

There are four types of karyakartas in a few, if not all organizations.
1.Donors: This group merely donates financial resources, mostly in the form of money to show their ideological affection towards the organization or entity. This is their way of service to the organization.
2.Hardworking ground-level karyakartas: This group works hard and does not expect any compensation either financially or through appointments.
3.Disgruntled karyakartas: This group works hard, however, is not recognized for their hard work, because they compromise neither on their individual ethics nor on organizational core values. As a result, invite the wrath of “upper level management”.
4.Mere opportunists: This is the fourth and the most important (a.k.a useless) category. Their only goal is to go up the ladder playing community/caste cards, employing sycophancy, constantly appearing in media on some pretext or the other. They constantly try to be in the good books of the “leaders” by attacking journalists and anyone who talks against their leader(s) because they help them with “favors” to rise up the ladder. One such goon attacked, possibly deployed the leadership, attacked the author using unparliamentary language.

If any group remains singularly loyal to an organization, it is the first three groups, may be small in number, but impassioned number of karyakartas who would extol their ideology as a cultural champion

In this case, what was comical was the attacker in question did not know the difference between OFBJP and BJP. The leadership should conduct special training classes and educate any ignorant karyakartas in understanding the difference, and if possible train them in reading articles thoroughly. Either wikipedia or a quick google search could come in handy.

All in all, if true, any leadership in any organization should stop deploying small-time opportunist whatsapp goons belonging to their own caste/community to attack fearless journalists. Such a behavior shows the stature and the ethics of the organization. Organizations and leadership should practice ‘elan. Associating the author with other political parties like AAP, INC etc. is also not welcome, in fact this is silly. Taking pictures with VIPs like Congress President and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi, Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, or for that matter, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi iare all distinguished peronaliteis. Such personalities have definitely done a commendable job which is why they are where they are.

It is never too late for any organization to control such anti-social elements and to focus on real issues. Such childish acts by their karyakartas will only propel the author to write, expand and expose more facts. May almighty bless such people with common sense!

To all our readers, the website and the author promise to continue to be fearless in their writing. As always, pen is mightier than a sword.

Beware and don’t care!



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