Communists Divert Attention from dismal election result in North East- instigate violence against brahmins and Sangh parivar

Communists Divert Attention from dismal election result in North East- instigate violence against brahmins and Sangh parivar


Note carefully- ‘A CPM worker and a BJP worker were arrested for stoning EVR Statue in vellore”

BJP worker we can understand- can anyone explain why a CPM worker?

Because this whole tamasha is orchestrated by media by CPM! – To divert attention of nation from Fall of communism!! into pretension show of moral outrage against ‘Fascists’!

Now they Conflate Caste hate groups”s messiah EVR in Tamil Nadu so they can recruit more useful idiots to do violence-
the only thing a communist learns in life is to do violence against political rivals.

The comment of Raja actually is about Soviet Union.After collapse of communism Lenin and Stallin statues were pulled down.Why?

Now we can see in broad daylight who is really Violenet- after all EV Ramaasamy naicker was a very absuive man who used foul language against Dalits and brahmins.Most dalit intellectuals have written against EVR for his bad mouthing of Dalits.

Most Tamils are believers in gods and EVR said much worse things and even broke statues of ganesh!garlanded Ram portrait with slippers!!

Now this is the man’s statue which cannot be even compared with what is happened in Soviet Union and now Tripura?

If this isnt Fascism what is?

(EVR breaking Ganesh idols in the 1960s.A leader of Castiest Hate speech and Vandalism)

Communist worker is arrestede in stoning EVR statue? Why/

Because Communists follow Joseph Stalin who asked them to infiltrate rival political parties and do things like this to provide excuses for more vfiolence and propoganda.

Communists must accept defeat and stop deflecting blame.

1. Government must order a full probe into who did these vandalism? If CPM infiltraters were there.

2. BJP and RSS must anticipate more violence from Communists and anti-Hindu groups. This is how they swallow Defeat! Anticipate more murder of RSS/BJP workers in Kerala.

The Communists and their Leftist media cannot accept this Defeat- and will only go for violence to save the ‘revolutionary cause’- do agit prop ie agitations against ‘Fascists’ more violence, more propoganda against Fasciosts as Violent nation wide.

Joseph Stalin famously adviced MN Roy when he met and asked his advice-
Stalin said- ” revfolution is impossible- Infiltrate the Congress ( read BJP/RSS)

Then subvert them and damage their image.

When you want to go to War- climb on the rooftops and scream ‘Peace Peace”

That is excactly Marxists and Media are doing-

From rooftops of media- screaming

“BJP and RSS Fascists are unleashing violence!” Before the incurable Marxists unleash their trademark Violence.

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