Jawaharlal Modi outdoing Jawaharlal Nehru’s historical blunders- but Sangh will hear no evil see no evil

Jawaharlal Modi outdoing Jawaharlal Nehru’s historical blunders- but Sangh will hear no evil see no evil



They could see Nehru’s blunders but not their own Posterboy



The Narender Modi regime began with a eulogy visit to the defunct United Nations elevating this puppet show of Arab Supremacists in his imagination to a world savior superman.

This was at the height of Islamic States atrocities about which this dotting organization could do nothing, since the very same wahabi regime puppeteers were sponsoring its rise.

Pakistan was quick to extract the price of this blunder- it immediately demanded the implementation of all pending UN resolutions about Kashmir.

Why no one from Sangh issued a statement warning this regime that it had put in power with its workers, not to repeat Jawharlal Nehru’s blunder of approaching the United Nations or trusting it or bestowing it an arbiter status must be easy to guess.

Unlike Mahatma Gandhi’s pet this is their own darling Jawharlal Nehru. He could do no wrong!

Soon there was a bonhomie with Saudi Royals. Which was on the way back from Washington?

Our Nehru had suddenly declared “Obama’s legacy must continue”.

How that must be in India’s interest or what purpose it could serve was like with Nehru’s Soviet obsession remained an enigma.

But not after Saudis rolled out a red carpet and made him an honorary citizen of this Islamic theocracy.

Modi upon reaching Delhi generously asked the Qataris to come and do business in India.

This is the Qatar that even their bed fellow at that time Saudis and other emirates would eventually and only recently after Obama’s legacy got terminated by Trump- chuck out as a Terrorist sponsor state and cut off all ties.

Did the Sangh even notice or ask the Modi regime –what business the Qataris were up to all this while?

Was it a wise thing for Modi to invite of all people the Qataris to come and establish a ‘business network’ that could be less politely called an investment on Terror infrastructure?

But like a drunken man who rarely remembers what he said or did the previous night- Modi’s foreign policy had been swaggering into whatever Party that was thrown to flatter his insatiable need to be in the lime light.

If last month a ‘historic pact’ was signed with Russia and China, the next month would see history remade quickly with a ‘historic pact’ with Japan and the very next month with America.

This was not even Nehru’s Panchsheel but Punch Drunk Sheel.

There were no concrete follow ups or alteration of the foreign policies of the countries that Modi signed up with.

For instance Modi regime goofed up the Vote in the UN against Israel siding with Arab block.

It could have abstained but stood by the Palestinian Cause which is actually same Jihad India is facing in Kashmir and Terrorism.

Expectedly what followed was a Resolution by the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Countries against ‘India’s continued occupation and oppression of Kashmiris’.

The Palestinian envoy after India’s supporting vote in UN against her close ally Israel that shares the same Jihad threat- expressed Palestine’s gratitude by driving up to meet Mufti Mohamad Saeed in Islamabad. The man who mass murdered Indians in Mumbai attack.

Did the Sangh even notice this horrific goof up?

No- it couldn’t hear no evil or see no evil with its Jawharlal Modi’s Punch Sheel.

The latest in this hypomania is a meeting with very same Palestinians in Gaza and more hugs and embraces and photo shoots.

As if that shouldn’t clarify as to what is in his mind- our Jawharlal Modi goes to Jordan and declares in a Conference about Islam and Terrorism as to how both are completely unrelated!

Really? If so why the Buddhists don’t have the need to hold such white wash conferences?

Jawharlal Modi’s speech in this conference alone is enough to convince anybody that this Prime Minister is absolutely clueless regarding Islamic Jihad.

Not just this ignorance but a cock sure apologia supplied by Islamists as his very own thoughts over this must indeed worry Hindus.

It means Jawharlal Modi will outdo Jawharlal Nehru in all his historic blunders that the Sangh rhetoricians know very well- because they grew up consuming that for breakfast.

RSS workers know it by heart what were Jawaharlal Nehru’s blunders and ‘the heavy price the Nation had to pay to this day’.

But their own Jawharlal is outdoing all that right under their nose but they could hardly see no evil or hear no evil.

My only consolation is that even before ‘the Nation pays a heavy price’ as every RSS speaker grimly intones his dumb outdated oratory- the RSS will be first to pay for it.

After all didn’t their Jawaharlal Modi the ‘fight is against Terror and not any Religion’?

Jawaharlal Modi actually explains it for the RSS- the fight is against extremists by moderates in every society’.

How many societies have this problem that you have noticed?

Islamic intellectuals were quick to seize Modi by his ears and elaborate who it is they are going to ‘fight together’-

The critics of Islamic Jihad and its Terrorism!

Jawharlal Modi said this but they heard something else-

Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding & Moderation’, Modi said that “those who  perpetrate crimes against humanity do not realize that they undermine the religion in whose name they claim to stand for”.  “Islamic culture is flourishing across India. The influence of Sufism spreads the message of love, peace and brotherhood. The Government of India is leaving no stone unturned in empowering the Muslim youth. We want them to have the Quran in one hand and a computer in the other’.

Did Sufism preach love or Iconoclasm and Hatred against the Idol worshipers?

Wahabism is indeed flourishing across India.

Indian Muslim spokesmen were quick to dispel Modi’s Islamic illusions-

Ali Khan Mahmudabad, Assistant Professor of political science in Ashoka University, however, said comparing Islam in India to Sufism is “divisive”. To back up his claim, Mahmudabad recalled the World Sufi Forum of 2016 which brought people with a particular religious identity closer to the political power, earning them the mistrust of other members of the community.

“The way the BJP and the RSS talk about ‘acceptable Islam’ creates further divisions among Muslims. It brings a particular group closer to power, or at least creates the perception that they are aligned with the government. This is far removed from history as Sufis have always maintained a distance from political power. In fact, they often rose up in rebellion against imperial and tyrannical powers.”

Ali Khan actually shows us clearly how aModi andIslamists are on the same page about what causes Terrorism- not Islam. Instead Khan explains how this ‘Terrorism’ is generic and is about everything else but Islam.

Our Jawharlal Modi seconds that idea and goes further dragging in every other religion !

The term ‘empowering Muslim youth’ must be read together with ‘koran in one hand and the computer on the other’.

Since we had that many Techie Jihadis arrested for joining the Isis.

Unlike Modi the sober Muslim Intellectuals who spoke after Modi had this in mind-

Praising the PM’s speech, Faizur Rahman, an independent researcher and secretary-general of the Chennai-based Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought, said-

“Not long ago, the Prime Minister said that Indian Muslims are not at all radicalised.”

He added that when the Modi government says there is no radicalisation among Indian Muslims, then there is also no room for talk of Love Jihad. “Islam in India is what real Islam is — syncretic and harmonious. It does not believe in compulsion or forcing religion on anyone. In fact, the whole narrative of Love Jihad falls flat on its face with no evidence to back it up with,” he said.

“The conference was attended by eminent Muslim intellectuals and envoys of some Islamic countries, including Pakistan High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood. “We need to recognise and reject the misinformation groups promote about Islam, or indeed any religion. We need to take back the airwaves and Internet from the voices of hatred, those who have victimized our world not only with bombs and terror but with ignorance and lies,” Abdullah said.

Whenever a twisted Pakistani talks in English, we must pay attention to every word as it isn’t in a dictionary- they have double meaning.

Who are the ‘misinformation’ groups?

Are they planting the bombs?

The fight is now against this misinformation of Islam! In other words Islamophobia.

Some ‘misinformation about Jordan they want us all to forget-

Jordan sent the most Jihadi fighters to the Islamic State.

Together Jawharlal Modi and Islamists will fight the ‘misinformer of Islam’.

As Jihad keeps its good cheer and health with the likes of Pakistani spokesmen.

Now they will fight together with Modi ‘extremists’ that are in every society and every religion.

Why am I thinking suddenly of the RSS?
















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