California Textbook Case: Is It Victory Yet?

California Textbook Case: Is It Victory Yet?

California textbooks continue to discriminate against Hinduism and Hindus. All the false and negative portrayals of caste remain. It is just that the Christian-backed Dalit and leftist outfits wanted even more negative portrayal of Hinduism which was rejected. The system was loaded against the Hindus to begin with. This is a battle Hindus have been fighting for more than a decade. Given the fact that America has an epidermis-deep sense of liberty and religious freedom, Hindus should be prepared to fight for a long time to come.

I have been an integral part of this battle from the beginning, for over a decade, since when my children were in school although I didn’t participate this year as my children have gone to college. I know how much energy it takes hardworking Hindu parents to fight a battle in a highly prejudiced system which lacks a sense of justice and fairness. Any reasonable person could see that the textbooks indulge in Christian indoctrination and sow prejudice toward Hinduism in the minds of children. There is no shame in facing defeat in such a system. The fight for dharma is never easy.

Leftist groups and media may portray this as victory for the Hindus because they wanted an even more hostile representation of Hinduism but didn’t get it. However, I find it strange that Hindu groups such as the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) declare victory. Such declarations mislead the American Hindus into thinking something substantial has been won when the reality is very different. It is reprehensible when the likes of HAF spin the story for self-promotion.

Getting invited to the discussion table in itself is not victory. During freedom struggle, a section of Indian leaders such as Gandhi and Nehru vied for a place at the table with the British. Mere invitation was conflated with victory for Indians. As a result, Indians paid heavily as real freedom fighters such as N S C Bose and V O C Pillai were easily neutralized. The echo chamber ensured that only certain types of messaging was allowed to mislead Indians. The common Indian was the loser. Likewise, organizations such as the HAF are pleased at being invited to the negotiation table. Western nations in general, and America in particular, make a big tamasha of the farce called negotiations. Organizations such as the HAF play by the rules of this tamasha. Unfortunately, the American Hindu, who is gullible enough to believe these declarations as substantial gains, is the real loser.

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