Kamal Hassan- the Intellectual Coward and Quisling of hindu baiters from Kollywood

Kamal Hassan- the Intellectual Coward and Quisling of hindu baiters  from Kollywood


Kamal Hassan- the Intellectual Coward and Quisling of hindu baiters from Kollywwod


Kamal Hassan is a genius like Hollywood actor Ben Affleck.

Unfortunately both are equally talented when it comes to self hating their own religion, and slandering their own community.

However, they both forcefully argue like perverted geniuses to Polish Muslim apples.

While the world was watching with worried and weary  eyes  the knife attacks in London, Crushing to Death of civilians including little children, repeated bombings of music concerts tearing to death teenage girls, stabbing sprees  by Islamists running amok-

Kamal Hassan alone will be seeing something else in all these horror happenings!

Brilliantly Kamal could surmise the situation like the ridiculous heroes he plays in his films-

“Hindu terror”- that must be it.

“we must stop all this Hindu terror that is spreading from ‘camps’ and spilling into streets of London, Berlin, Munich. Moscow,Madrid and New York”.

In front of a regale of press cameras Kamal Hassan warned keeping a stern face “against Hindu terror that is spreading from camps” and “Hindu Muscle power”.

He could do that because none of the pressmen who are equally committed to Hindu bashing would ask him back this-

Did Hindu outfits muscle power’ stop him from releasing his film Dasvatharam ?

Who stopped his fully censored and certified film Viswaroopam that was legally free to screen in India?

In his film Dasavatharam kamal depicted a distorted history about a Chola King who had actually patronized vaishnavism and built vishnu temples, about which this high school dropout who reads ‘history’ not from scholarly works but communist propaganda pamphlets, quite clearly knew nothing!

He showed the medieval Chola king as persecuting vaishnavites which that king never did, and as an Iconoclast throwing the massive stone Maha Vishnu into the sea!

When the Hindu outfits protested under the aging Gopal Ji, he refused to correct the lies and stubbornly released it with the anti-Hindu Dravidian Party run government support.

Kamal was projecting the Iconoclasm and mass murders done by Jihadi Muslim Invaders into the tolerant Hindu forefathers who were actually their victims !

In return for this projection of Muslim behavior with Hindu subjects, the Islamic outfits later put their boots on his neck, and guess what? Kamal licked it!

Kamal acted and directed Viswaroopam a film that shows a ‘muslim’ Indian agent infiltrating the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Note that kamal had to make his hero as a ‘Muslim’, so that the Jihadi antagonists who happen to be Muslims are not shown as fought and defeated by a Hindu or Non- Muslim kafir hero.

So ridiculously the protagonist in his film talks in Brahmin Tamil and teaches baratnatyam dance in New York, while secretly he was ‘a Muslim’ ? and marries a Hindu Brahmin girl!

There is a back story for this weird storyline.

Kamal didn’t have to fear  the ‘Hindu Muscle power’ or ‘Hindu terror’ like his brother in law and another Christian bootlicker film director Maniratnam had to face-

In his film Mumbai- Maniratnam showed a Hindu falling in love with a Muslim girl and the couple as showcase of ‘secular harmony India’ and shaming again Hindu outfits as mindless violent mobs.

In payment for this appeal to humanism instead of Hindutva message of his film the Islamic outfit Al Umma threatened to kill him –

For showing that a kafir Hindu had married a Muslim Girl!

Note the ‘Hindu Muscle power didn’t lift a finger against kamal’s brother in Law for showing them as fanatical mobs!

“why he couldn’t show a muslim marry a Hindu girl” asked the enraged Terrorist chief of Al Umma who later staged the Coimbatore bomb blast that took over 80 lives targeting Advani.

Soon the Islamists threw a bomb into Kamal hassan’s brother in law Maniratnam’s bedroom-

Both Maniratnam and his wife suhassini along with their new born baby escaped their lives narrowly.

Now can we see now why Kamal shows that a Muslim marries a Brahmin hindu girl without revealing his identity?

  • He was complying and fulfilling that demand of Islamist terrorists of Al Umma!
  • For which they nearly killed his brotherin law and sister and their baby by throwing a bomb into their bedroom.

What a creep will fulfill that demand and also make a Muslim ‘hero’ of it!

Then the Islamists paid kamal hassan back richly for this ass kissing- more than 25 Islamic fundamentalist outfits joined hands against release of his film Visvaroopam!


Islamists were not happy by merely showing a Muslim as the hero who was patriotic and fighting for all Indians against Taliban-

They were enraged that Taliban was shown as Bad guys!

Kamal retorted saying he showed just the facts of what Taliban was doing- using verses from Koran to indoctrinate Terrorists.

Kamal pleaded in press meet- that he will go bankrupt if the film isn’t released, he would have to sell his house.

Kamal then begged with Muslim outfits saying “I always went out of the way in my films to show muslims in good light”

Why kamal had to do that? ‘Go out of the way? To always show muslims as good’?

Here is kamal confessing he was pimping for the Muslim image and begging they spare his film visvaroopam because he ‘always went out of way in all my films ’ doing facelift jobs with Muslim characters.

Did Hindu outfits use their ‘muscle power’? to stop Dasvatharam?

Islamic outfits threatened to burn down theaters if Visvaroopam is released by court order!

Here is Islamic Terrorism and muscle power openly defying the rule of Indian Law that says a film once certified by censors cannot be disallowed to screen.

Did the Hindu outfits’ ‘muscle power’ frighten the State government?

Quite the opposite-

Islamic outfits’ threat of violence made even the Iron Lady Jayalaitha who brooks no such defiance of Law and order-

To ban the release of his film in Tamil Nadu!

Instead of supporting kamal hassan’s legal rights, and despite the chief minister herself came from film industry-

The then Chief Minister of Tamil nadu Jayalalitha explained the truth about Law and Order in her state-

“if the film is released my intelligence reports tell that there will be widespread violence and bomb attacks”!

In other words the Chief Misniter was expressing helplessness of a State to uphold the law and order which she explains is now at the mercy of Islamic Fundamentalists.

Did the Hindu outfits manage to do this to Dasavatharam that hurt the Shaivite sentiments by showing them as doing what actually Muslim invaders did?

A leader of an Islamic outfit spoke in a public meeting that Kamal Hassan started to shake and sweat and collapsed in his chair when he told him how angry the muslims were!

That is the real life Hero who in his own words ‘went out of the way in my films to always show Muslims in good light”- facing the living daylights of Global Jihad in the Real World!

This quisling cowered and crawled on all fours in front of Islamic outfits!

He was unable to release his film without cuts being made to his film Visvaroopam dictated by Islamic fundamentalist outfits.

That is the kind of man he is, not the crusader against Fundamentalism or Terrorism he now playacts before Television cameras.

So we see Kamal has firsthand experience of what Terror is and from where it comes.

But like all typical leftists he projects back the Murder Politics of Marxists in Kerala unleashed upon activists of Hindu outfits.

There are two huge questions this rises about Marxists exposing who is responsible for violence between Right wing RSS and Left wing Marxists.

  1. If Right wing has chosen Violence as legitimate politics- why never we see this happen between Right wing BJP and Opposition Party workers in Right wing BJP ruled States or their strongholds?
  2. Why is that Left wing in west Bengal also records the same blood soaked history? Thousands of workers belonging to Marxist Communist party and Opposition parties of TMC and INC have been put to death.

We also see Ultra Leftist Maoist Communists also have killed thousands of Security forces personnel and civilians.

Wherever Left wing rules or has dominance – the area becomes a killing fields for both security forces as we see in Chattisgarh, or a slaughter house for Rival Democratic parties.

After all Marxists swear by Joseph Stalin and Mao who prescribed violence. Lenin famously asked to hang democratic rivals on lamp posts!

These are their icons they display. This is what Marxists believe in- ‘Power flows through the barrel of the gun” and if you cant pick a gun, lynch your opponents.

The previous Congress government was doing this projection of Terrorism upon Hindu outfits.

The Manmohan Singh regime was embarrassed by Mumbai attack by Jihadis and the string of bomb blasts that killed hundreds of civilians across India’s metros done by Indian Mujahadeen, because the Congress party under Sonia Gandhi was seen as wooing the Muslims.


The Congress imaginatively created a bogey of “hindu terror’ by falsely implicating one of their under cover agents Col Purohit who was actually doing his job of collecting intelligence working with some fringe Hindu groups.

The shameless projection of Islamic terrorism into Hindu movements required the framing of this Military Intelligence Officer, which tarnished the impeccable image of Indian Army as a secular professional Army before world’s eyes.


The Congress set up a Red Herring of ‘Hindu terror’ as-

‘a greater threat’ so that the Islamic Terrorism was eclipsed or atleast balanced out as a Talking point.


Similarly, Kamal projects the ‘terror’ that Islamic outfits made him experience that he didnt have to experience with  Dasavatharam a film that hurt Shaivite hindu sentiments.


The shaivites are ten times the population of Muslims in Tamil Nadu- and where was that ‘Hindu Muscle power’?


Kamal knows this truth- that he can ‘go out of the way to tarnish image if hindu shaivites’ because he knows they are tolerant and will never muscle anyone for expressing their views even if it were lies and done just to hurt them.

Is there any ‘Hindu Muscle Power’?

If there is any muscle power Hindu outfits had- then how  is it that Fundamentalist outfits from a minority that is less than 10 % of the state population could get away with targeted murders of over 100 of Hindu activists who are the majority?

Hundreds of workers of RSS and Hindu Munnani have been murdered over the decades and it still continues.

If there was any Hindu muscle power- where are the Retaliatory attacks or murders of the Islamic outfits?

To make sense of Kamal hassan’s alarmist concern, Hindu retaliations must be ten times the amount of murders done by Islamists against their members isn’t it?

So, Kamal Hassan actually pimps for the Murderers of these Hindu youth often from dirt poor families.

In his opinion it is the Hindu outfits that have ‘Muscle Power’ and people must be weary of their spread.

One needs to be heartless to insult these Hindu youth who have been murdered repeatedly in cold blood by Islamists and in Kerala by Marxists who run the government- by the hundreds.


Hindu oufits not only have so far failed to display any Muscle power by disproportionate Retaliatory attacks-

They are continued to be killed, and most of visible leaders cannot walk out of homes without Police escorts.

This is the grim situation in Tamil nadu for Hindu activists who are already living in Taliban Nadu.

The Hindu muscle power also had not physically attacked people like kamal Hassan for all their repeated insults.

That is because most of the workers of Hindu outfits are groomed by rigid discipline and respect for law and order enforced by RSS. Besides being by nature tolerant as Hindus.

This is what he slanders as ‘spreading terror from camps’.

Kamal this pimp of Hindu baiters, repays that tolerance of Hindus and their outfits by once again slandering them.

Maybe he will even say Hindu Terror is spreading from camps and that’s what we see happen all over Europe and last week in America!


According to this guttural loud mouth- it is not Islamic Jihad Terrorism that is visible globally on the rise, but some ‘Hindu terror that is spreading out from ( RSS) camps” and not just of the same proportion on a global scale but also greater in magnitude that kamal Hassan alone could see!

Kamal is a subversive crackpot who can stoop to any low just to lick the boots of Islamists and spit on the face of Hindu benefactors who had tolerated him for so long and suffered his craven insults.


It is time for Hindus to demand from this Intellectual Coward some respect for truth and good manners that he readily displayed facing Muslim muscle power and Islamic Terror!

Kamal forgets that his pathetic life showcases what it is that he respects and that is exactly what he will obtain by pushing Hindus to a corner of indignity till they stand up for their self respect against his kind of ingrate quislings.



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