From Kerala to Kashmir- a Syrian model of insurgency -Aron

From Kerala to Kashmir- a Syrian model of insurgency -Aron



If you had remembered as this news report says-

Last year in October, National Investigation Agency teams, with help from the Kerala police, Delhi police and Telangana police, had arrested six people with suspected links to the Islamic State.

The nabbing was just one among several such Jihadi recruits to fight for the Islamic State in Syria.

The Isis meanwhile changed its strategy of inviting Muslims from world over to come over to Syria through Turkey.

Turkey itself began facing the consequences of covert support to Isis much like Pakistan, and was under pressure from her western allies to do something about its porous borders and the sanctuary towns.

Isis also wanted to expand its reach – and issued a fresh directive for the Recruits who were replenishing the attrition on the battle frontlines.  It asked these fighters and their families to return to their own countries and work towards expanding its network and attempt independent Terror attacks.

When the recruits began returning- the Pro-Islamic Media helped with their mission to set up Isis outposts and funds mobilizing for the caliphate.

The pathetic mainstream media began airing Sob stories of these prodigal sons, whom it claimed were suddenly filled with remorse and confessed to their mistaken flight.

The even more pathetic liberal Governments like Sweden and Belgium began encouraging this return instead of penalizing them for an act of war against their country.

They welcomed these Jihadi fighters who were returning with a mission that wasn’t even so secretive but could be read in the Websites and magazines of Isis- “return home and dig deep, network, siphon funds, and if prompted attack”.

While the European nations began rewarding these returning with jobs and support money- India did the astonishing thing of swallowing this Sob story pedaled by Pro-Islamic media, and letting the returnees go scot-free.

The naivety of our authorities was amazing- asking their families to come and hand them over with a reprimand as if they were some juvenile delinquents and not murderous zealots who had sought glory in committing atrocities and terror attacks for the sake of the Islamic State.

The so called moderate muslim leadership sprang in support of such Isis activists, demanding they be treated with kid gloves, and accusing Government of ‘Oppressing innocent Muslim youth’.

We warned then what would happen-

These charming looking bigots will spread the Isis ideology, mobilize funds for the Syrian war, recruiting more youth and establish sleeper cells across India and keep working for an Isis frontline to open here with Kashmir as its base and other such Muslim trouble spots such as West Bengal and Western U.P, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu- stoking up communal tensions.

Even as this Modi government took office we had warned them elaborately about this Syrian model of insurgency-

A persistent and concerted media blitz narrative of’ Muslims (add minorities and Dalits) being massacred by the Modi regime’- just like Bashar Assad regime.

Just as Organization of Islamic Countries funded the propaganda narrative of Assad killing his own people, before the ground offensive began by Jihad groups they heavily armed-

Indian media began a vitriolic news offensive of ‘Lynchistan’- where emboldened by Modi’s regime vicious Right wing extremists were massacring Muslims (Minorities and Dalits of course).

So that when the Jiahdis begin the attacks, it will seem well deserved- you asked for it!

It is all the making of and result of Hindu fringe groups’ unbridled Beef activism.

Little did the Government or BJP worry or even ask the Media- if they were not Inciting Muslim youth with this rhetoric and if this isn’t in effect the best propaganda one could do against any democracy for the Islamic State’s recruitment drive.

Like the CNN invents fake news, the Modi hating media began inventing atrocity news –

It began another blitz over a mere brawl and unfortunate murder of a muslim in a train over seat sharing.

It began turning every untoward incident wherever a Muslim happened to be a victim into an anti-Muslim atrocity news. The airways were then filled up conflating ‘Minorities and Dalits’.

Simultaneously it downplayed the spread of Radical Islamic groups and their relentless murder of Hindu activists. It looked the other way as State governments delivered entire swaths of territory to Islamic fundamentalists – like Mamata Banerjee who offered a sanctuary to the Jamaati Islam fanatics who were facing heat and getting displaced from Bangladesh.

The Hindu community began an exodus from such enclaves of Islamic fundamentalism nurtured by Patronizing ‘secular’ parties like Samajwadis in Western Uttar Pradesh, but the pro-Islamic Media downplayed the happenings.

Such selective outrages and atrocity news was making a Narrative of India as an Oppressor of its minorities, Muslims and Dalits.

This media narrative was barely even noticed or could be understood by the Anti-intellectuals of BJP and RSS, less said the better about the Government babus who were actually buying into it and attempting to ‘disprove’ it. Often with this silly argument of ‘it used to be much worse in Congress government’- and making this narrative by default as a given.

So here we are- looking at the spectacle of India slipping into Syria mode.

The clueless Modi sircar not only let go scot free the Isis Returnees from Turkey, but also invited the Islamist Don Erdogan who promptly came to Delhi and reminded them that Kashmir after all is a Vilayati of the Neo- Ottoman empire.

The tunnel vision of Modi regime towards its existential threats is actually hair rising and hilarious-

Apart from  hugging Saudis and enjoying the hospitality of that wahabi extremist Royal palace stay for three full days- Modi invited gleefully more trouble- he ‘rolled the red carpet’of all the people on earth the Qataris to ‘come and invest in India’- which they did quickly enough for us to see its results all around.

Yes, the same Qataris the Saudis and emirate states are cutting off all diplomatic links and revealing what everyone knew the trouble with them- support to Islamic Terrorism.

The Ayatollah regime then was hugged tightly next by Modi-and we hear them say ‘Kashmir needs to be liberated through Jihad from infidels’ control’.

The best wisdom Modi siracr could acquire was to pump more tax payers money into projects in Kashmir, along clearly tried tested and failed Bush administration era ideas of bribing the Jihadi enemy with billions of dollars- it began building infrastructure that require Extreme Engineering.

This policy failure bought only more sorrow, stone pelting on Indian Army and now a massacre of Hindu pilgrims.

In short- the BJP government is walking ideologically blindfolded-

Manipulated by a Pro-Islamic media that is actively helping with its specious generation of atrocity news,  BJP’s responses get paralyzed towards the spreading Jihadi culture.

On the other hand it alienates its support base of Hindu conservatives by demonizing the Hindu movements and marginalizing them by parroting their narrative of Selective Outrage.

The clear lack of any understanding of the Ideological basis of the Nation’s enemies by the Modi sircar and the ruling BJP on every Threat front be it Internal such as Maoists and Kashmir Jihad or an external threat such as Islamic State and Al Qaida has lead to the inevitable results we had all along warned what this will lead to-

A Syrian model of insurgency- with that very same narrative of Assad regime killing its own people and needs a regime change through Intervention by the world community.

The Pro-Islamic Indian media is playing by the same book with which the Western Liberal media first painted Mumammar Gadaffi as a killer of his own people, and justified an Uprising that wahabi regimes groomed and persuaded the Western Nato and US to lend its air power and CIA means.

After Libya that was standing on their way was delivered on a platter to Islamists the media vultures moved on to Syria. They began another Uprising they cheered and voiced as against an Oppressive regime killing its own people- laying the foundations of the Islamic State.

Now the same vulture culture is hovering over India- helping with the Global Jihad to set up base in Kashmir valley and supplying it with a rhetorical narrative of Hindu Right wing regime and Hindu fascists are butchering Muslims (Christians and Dalits), and how this is inevitably leading to a Syrian Uprising that world must understand as a just cause.

When 8 hindu pilgrims mostly women were gunned down by Jhadis in Srinagar Kashmir – the Media blitz had extracted its victims.

But none in the BJP opened the mouth about the Instigation earlier by the Media or its inflammatory style of reporting over ‘Beef killings of muslims by Hindu extremists ’.

There was no recognition at all by RSS, VHP or the governing BJP of this Pro-Islamic Media and its Syrian Uprising narrative at work towards balkanization of India.

None in the Government, Home Ministry or Party demanded that the Media stop its mischievous and unethical distortion of news events- into a narrative of “Assad regime is killing its own people’.

There was no attack on this Media blitz that’s helping actively with Islamic State’s recruitment by constantly demonizing Hindu groups and creating paranoia against Hindu majority and disaffection with democracy.

Instead of exposing to Indian public this mainstream media gang up with Global wahabism, the BJP is parroting about some ‘composite culture that is Kashmir’ as if the Exodus of Pundits from valley never happened.

Turkey’s Erdogan and Ayotollahs are screaming Jihad into this Modi regime’s ears for Kashmir – while Modi talks sheepishly about ‘Development’ and how Terror has no Religion.

While mosque sermons drive kashmiri mobs to surround the Indian security forces whenever they corner a Jihadi Terrorist and the turnout is huge whenever a Terrorist is gunned own- the funeral befitting an Islamic Ghazi and hero.

It is blind to the coming storm.













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