London (EU) Jihad attacks- Mayor of London and Theresa Mays and Ansaris who make it happen

London (EU) Jihad attacks- Mayor of London and Theresa Mays and Ansaris who make it happen

London (EU) Jihad attacks- Mayor of London and Theresa Mays and Ansaris who make it happen


The knife attacks and the bombing of a Rock concert earlier are as explained by its perpetrators- “for the sake Allah”.

Which again is just a glimpse the action, at the European frontline of a global Jihad.

The Muslim Mayor of London informed the Londoners who elected him to office – that the bombs and knife attacks by his fellow religionists- are no great cause for alarm.

He is right- the Londoners must have instead had great cause for alarm when they decided to vote for a Muslim as their Mayor with a documented past of attending Terrorist rallies and speeches, anti-Semitism, right in the midst of a rising tide of Isis recruitment, returnees from Syria and Libya  and calls for home grown terror attacks.

So instead of getting alarmed so lately, Londoners must first understand the role played by their Mayor in the calamity they have landed with their own hands voting for his kind-

Theresa May being the other kind of what Arabs call s The Helpers of Jihad – the Ansars.

If Londoners or for that matter Europeans really want to escape the kind of gruesome deaths we see happening with increasing frequency-

They must kick and send away the Ansras like Mayor of London and Theresa Mays who make it possible and make it easy for the jihad terrorists to conduct their business without harass.

They must demand an Investigation into all the measures and steps taken by the Mayor of London since he assumed office.

Did he call off any previous Surveillance programs in Muslim dominated areas? Did he call off under cover agents in suspected terror preaching mosques? Did he grant amnesty to prisoners or recommend early release to judges and magistrates in London metropolis area, cancel probations for known Jihadis?

This is investigative Journalism the free Press has stopped doing long ago for their people-

Instead they re-circulate and disseminate wahabi Islamist apologia about Jihad attacks and pass around the table Muslim victimhood playing cards.

Instead of attending to the serious trouble they have in hand-they go after irrelevant issues like what Trump said and what he didn’t- as if he runs that town or lives in London!

Europe is surely sinking and Islamists are modifying it through terror –into compliance with demands of Sharia laws.

Music is prohibited during Ramadan.

After a bloody attack in London, the Concerts in Europe like in Germany are shut down by the governments themselves.

Drinking is prohibited in Islam and especially during Ramadan.

After knifing to death over half a dozen revelers in pubs and seriously injuring scores of others-

This Islamic taboo will also be self enforced- is a peg down really worth risking a knife driven down your belly? Come on silly.

Pubs near or around Muslim enclaves also called No Go Zones that also never existed – may be ‘advised by police and city authorities to quietly shut down to ‘minimize risks’.

So where to expect the next Islamic Jihad attack which is the New Normal as Mayor of London long ago reminded as ‘part of modern city life’.

Is it really ‘Unclear’ as CNN and such Islamic Jihad peddlers proclaim and confuse?

Or is it clear to everyone except the ones like the Mayor of London and Theresa Mays who refuse to admit the basic fact- that it is Islam that is attacking Free world towards Sharia compliance and Submission- which is what the word Islam means?

When people remove this blinker to Islam that is on a worldwide roll of violent attacks-

They will see- the next attack should happen anytime against the other list of Taboos of Islam –

  1. Jews- nothing is more hateful in the sight of Allah than a Jew and his synagogue.
  2. Polytheists- by which is meant Churches
  3. Idolaters- Hindu temples like the iconic sprawling Laxmi Narayan temple.
  4. The British troops who ‘attack the Umma in Muslim world and its caliphate- the military bases.
  5. Ex- Muslims- the prescription is death for apostates. Famous ex-muslims.
  6. Those who insulted Islam- the Islamic critiques- if any left in this spineless nation of UK.

And so on. But none of them will be protected- because none of these basic facts of regarding Why Islamic terrorist attack is allowed to be acknowledged by these Ansaris or Helpers of Jihad.

Conservatives have succeeded in getting elected perceived ‘anti-Muslims” in India and America, but the problem is not about Muslims but Islam.

Unless these elected leaders and their governments understands it is Islam that they are fighting-

And unless the battle is taken to Islam itself in a battle of minds – by seriously calling attention to the unacceptable values and objectives of Islamic Theology-

The depravity of the very idea of ‘Islam ‘or submission to an anachronistic sadist from seventh century demanded of entire humanity. The need of those under its spell in the Muslim World to redeem their spiritual and secular freedom.

Unless the Free world unites, stands up and faces Islam squarely in the face and demand its dismantle, the Islamic Jaguarnat of  Terror will keep on advancing, mowing and crushing all resistance to its legislative totalitarian state that is Sharia.

The Jihadis we see planting bombs and running amok ‘for the sake of Allah’ in London streets are just sharia Law enforcers.

The Sharia itself is upheld by a Super State of OIC or Organization of Islamic Countries- which bankrolls its worldwide enforcement- by all means fair and foul- with threats and allures, and outright purchase of souls like the sellout of Western media.

This means the Counter Jihad efforts needs a Super power to undo their works.

This is what conservatives haven’t yet managed to win-

The leaders like Narender Modi and Donald Trump are yet to begin any meaningful Ideological counter efforts.

It is only when the Ideological challenge to Islam as an idea, showing convincingly that it is after all demonstratively a bad idea- that any relief from the rapidly advancing Jihad can be expected.

The OIC is on the brink of taking over Europe.

America must launch at least covertly a global Challenge to Islam at the Ideological level- through sponsored Ex muslim think tanks and television channels.

To defeat Terrorism, we need to first defeat the Helpers or Ansaris like the mainstream media, Mayor of London and Theresa Mays who make it happen.

Without the Helpers confusing our heads about what is attacking which is Islam- the Jihad will become impossibly difficult to conduct.
















































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