Kashmir will demolish India- The Biggest Intelligence Failure.

Kashmir will demolish India- The Biggest Intelligence Failure.

Kashmir (GHN) – 1st May,2017. During the process of de-monetization, the entire media was busy applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi as terrorist activity had come to a standstill. There were no Stone Pelters in Kashmir and no Naxalite activities in other parts of India. The logic was simple, there is no money so all such activities have stopped. Today the reverse is happening; Stone Pelting has become the primary income source of youngsters in Kashmir. These stone pelters are being organized on social media and in WhatsApp groups. The damage is twofold. Injury to the Army and security forces, insult to the republic and people of India, And nurturing disenchantment, and fomenting hatred for India amongst the Kashmiri Youth thereby radicalizing entire Kashmir. The Naxalites have also become active and have committed a large terroract in Sukma, Chattisgarh by killing CRPF soldiers.(http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/in-worst-attack-in-years-26-crpf-men-killed-by-naxals-in-chhattisgarh-10-developments-1685420). Main Stream Media has been promoting a view that the Naxalites have been funded through local means. However, this is not possible as the cost of the armaments is so high that no local money can fund it. Also these arms have to be procured and again this is done through international borders. The Pakistani army has again gone beyond all humanitarian methods and mutilated the bodies of two Indian Soldiers in a gruesome reminder to their previous inhuman deeds in these times of peace.(http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/pakistan-mutilates-bodies-of-two-indian-soldiers-army-vows-revenge/story-MuI5fTZdmRyavJNnAqwlPI.html). From all this emerges a clear pattern.

Looking at all these events, it is very clear that all events are being organized and executed systematically under a plan which the Intelligence agencies of India have been unable to perceive or counter. Very obviously, if the stone pelting and Naxal activities have increased manifold, one will logically deduce that it is being funded by certain powers. Clearly, again counterfeiting of Indian currency is taking place in a very systematic manner which is funding the Stone Pelters, Naxals, and Terrorists. In short, the currency swap was successful only upto a limited extent and now the benefits of the currency swap are being systematically undone in an extremely planned manner by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and China with an active hand of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is hand in glove in the promotion of a fanatical Islam dominated world.

China has been very successfully fighting a proxy war with India for decades which is extremely cost effective to the Chinese apart from the Chinese not being directly involved in any confrontation with India. There is also almost no loss of human life to the Chinese as they are silently watching Pakistani and Indian blood flow. India has sadly been unable to counter this for decades and remains affected adversely by Chinese financing the Pakistanis. It is also without doubt that China is financing the Naxalites to continue their anti-India activities in the country. It is very easy to understand and conclude that Chinese have been providing intelligence, military hardware, as well as other logistics and equipment to the Pakistanis on soft terms. Without doubt none of this is possible without the active connivance, participation, and inclination of the Pakistanis who have always had a negative anti-India destructive politics.

The Pakistanis on the other hand have chosen to indulge in a hybrid war with India, which again, the polity of India has been unable to counter. The war is through terrorism, economic warfare such as the printing and distribution of fake Indian currency with the direct involvement of the Pakistani Government. It is evident that the appearance of fake currency within such a short time after the currency swap done in India and the financing of the Stone Pelters and others in Kashmir and other parts of India can only happen with very active Pakistani Government support which is providing the support in terms of equipments to the concerned agencies. It is common knowledge that currency printing machines of high quality can only be held by the Government. It would not come as a surprise if the Chinese had an active involvement in the production and supply of some of these currency printing machines and other logistics through their huge base of military industrial production facilities. But Pakistan has not stopped the hybrid warfare at this, but has taken it further by financing many NGO’s with specific anti-India activities, financing Political parties, by financing the film industry, and the main stream media. To this spectrum, the Pakistanis have added psychological warfare, such as, is seen with the beheading and mutilation of the Indian soldiers. It has an effect of demoralizing the Indian Army and the Indians apart from creating an aggressive response. A good part of this finance comes from the Saudis who were instrumental in financing the Pakistanis to build nuclear weapons. Thus, the Pakistani nuclear weapons are not merely Pakistani but should be called Islamic Nuclear Bombs. Intelligence sources including western intelligence analysts have long claimed that the Saudis are in possession of a few Pakistani nuclear bombs. But the financing of Pakistanis was going on through the US as well, which followed a –needs based, no questions asked- policy where the US Government funded and armed the Pakistanis. Most of these funds and armaments from the US were used against India. Thankfully these have been stopped overtly by the US, however, covertly; that plenty of US-Pakistani co-operations are taking place, would not be a surprise.

Most westerners, unfamiliar with India, but even many modern Indians are unable to understand the relation between India, Pakistan, and Islam. The division of India and Pakistan was based on religion and not on any other lines as the Muslims said that they could not and were unwilling to live with Hindus and persons of other faiths. The word ‘Pak’ means pure, obviously if Pakistan is pure and religion was the basis of division, one would conclude that India is impure, but beyond that Islam is pure and that Hindus and all other faiths are not. From this it emerges that the loyalty of Muslims is to Islam and not to any nation, place, people, or other identity. The population expansion policy or population jihad of Muslims has taken its toll in India too, which today has a larger population of Muslims in India as compared with Pakistan. Since the root of the problem lies in the identity and expansionism of Islam, one should understand that this is the root cause of the Kashmir problem.

Of the 22 districts in Kashmir only 6 districts are demanding a separate identity and these are funded by Pakistanis. They are majority Sunni Muslims while the rest of Jammu and Kashmir have a Hindu population and some Shia Muslims. (http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/separatism-restricted-to-5-dists-of-jk-rss-leader/) It is these Sunni Muslims who fuel the Separatist and Jihadist agenda of Islam, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. India spends almost thrice the amount on Jammu and Kashmir that it spends on the upkeep, maintenance, and welfare of any other state within India, yet in return, the Kashmiri Muslims have only offered insult and injury. They have also committed genocide and have driven away the Hindu Brahmins of Kashmir known as Kashmiri Pandits from their homeland, and they have murdered and raped thousands of these peaceful people. The Muslims of other states in India including Hyderabad, West Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, and in other parts of India, too, do not have loyalties towards India. Most of their loyalties lie with Islam. Under these circumstances, the unrest being fomented in Kashmir is detrimental to the security of India and will become an Achilles heel if not dealt with in a firm manner.

The current BJP Government in the centre and in many states is not being able to take hard decisions. Much as Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been promising to take hard action. While the politicians have failed to take strong decisions, the intelligence agencies have failed to deliver. Clearly, the will to act strongly against the traitors in Kashmir is lacking in the political establishment as the Army, Border Security Force, and other agencies are at the receiving end of abuse and injury from Stone Pelters, Terrorists, Pakistani Financiers, and the crafty Chinese.

Excluding the Muslims, Communists, and to some extent certain sections of the Christians, most people of India, are deeply dismayed by the current state of affairs in India where Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere are openly waving Pakistani flags and abusing India and Indians. Such a state of affairs is detrimental to India and the majority peace loving Hindu population. The time to act firmly is slipping away as the Indians helplessly watch their Government fumbling along with the security of this nation. One hopes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will rise above and beyond the previous Governments to take strong and firm action against the perpetrators of such acts. Clearly, peace can descend on Kashmir only when Hindus remain in majority in all areas of this state and the separatists and jihadis are strongly punished for breaking the law.

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