Film Review- Why Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” is so silent only about Catholic Inquisition and Christian atrocities on Natives across the world?

Film Review- Why Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” is so silent only about Catholic Inquisition and Christian atrocities on Natives across the world?


Silence is a 2016 historical period drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Jay Cocks and Scorsese, based upon the 1966 novel of the same name by Shūsaku Endō


“Are there no longer courageous soldiers in the realm to do combat with us, and weren’t they ashamed to have called in the assistance of foreigners against our small contingent?[15]
These hardly sound like words from ‘Persecuted Poor Christian Peasants’ but more like the Isis fighters today bragging about their Allahu Akbar fanaticism.
The film begins conveniently long after the above bit of history had already happened-
the Jesuits had converted a large enough number of peasants and some Samurai warlords to Christianity. The colonial powers of Portuguese, Dutch, Holland, Belgium, England, were competing with each other but all agreed on the need to Christianize and colonize the East.
The peasants were actually inviting “persecution’ to provide a ready excuse for the colonial powers to interfere in Japan!
When the Japanese resorted to take help of the Dutch while fighting Portuguese to put down the Christian peasant uprising- the peasants were bragging to the Japanese war lords the above words.
Since the Uprising failed to get any miraculous Intervention from Jesus and was crushed, the missionaries and Marxist historians decided to bury that fact of this Christian Jihad and its violence aimed at toppling Japan culturally and impose Christianity there forcibly, much like the bandit Xavier who is hailed as a Saint in this film did torture and mass executions of Hindus and their priests in India. Instead Marxists simply noted the Peasant Revolution and the Missionary elaborated the ‘Persecution ‘by the Japanese.
It is amazing the film portrays every single Church atrocity in history and the macabre institutions it created like the Inquisitor – projected and re-invented inside the Buddhist Japan. The Jesuit characters don’t even remark that the Japanese have learnt the ways of the Catholic Church with heretics and pagans~ they now have their own Inquisitors!
The Film is based on a Catholic apologetic – Shūsaku Endō (遠藤 周作 Endō Shūsaku?, March 27, 1923 – September 29, 1996)[1] was a Japanese author who wrote from the rare perspective of a Japanese Roman Catholic.
More horrifically, the original fanaticism of the Jesuits while embarking on missionary expansionism that destroyed numerous indigenous faith systems, as a rule by brute force like the wipe out of Red Indians, the wholesale massacre and vandalism of their temples, artifacts and culture, their enslavement- none of this admitted but told with a startling hotheadedness as a burden of Love to blighted heathens in spiritual darkness worshiping ‘evil idols and false gods’.
The hypocrisy is at its most when Jesuits show what they as a matter of rule did to natives who fell in their hands- torture, sacrilege of their sacred icons, profanation of what natives hold as holy, and capture of their women and children as slaves, gruesome and ingenious devices torture perfected by Jesuits during Inquisition, -are all projected into a brief period of Japan’s reaction to this Western Imperialism’s cultural assaults by their missionaries.
The film is most idiotic when a Jesuit who holds Boniface and Xavier as a ‘Saint’- and agonizes in front of camera when Japanese Inquisitor demands Christians renounce the Cross, spit on it and stomp on the bible- all of which Catholic Saints did to pagans- from the times of cutting down the Ugradisic tree at Upsala in Germania to the times of these Jesuits who accompanied the battle ships that stole all the lands from natives and wiped them without cultural trace in so many continents.
The Jesuits were indeed planting weeds in other peoples’ lands dividing the countries and gaining fifth columns that will plot together and help with takeover of their own countries- a treasonous and militant endeavor with natural equivalent violence as reactions that go on and lend themselves to build Persecution myths to justify more of such Cultural aggrandizement and aggression.
Japanese learnt the methods of the missionaries from the captured Jesuits and turned the table on them.
The Inquisition as method of systematic torture till the heresy is either confessed or eliminated or the heretic is put to a gruesome death- was something who could teach Japanese Buddhists better than Jesuits?
That the so called Saints who accompanied this Cultural raiding of native lands could be bought over just like Jesuits themselves bought converts with lure of money and women.
The ‘Convert’ can quickly turn his back on his ancestral culture and faith and go on to denigrate his native faith and work for its destruction.
The film not only projects the nauseating Past of the Christian church and its missionary colonialism and all its fanaticism, wanton cultural destruction and inhuman violence to its victims like Japan, but goes further.
It shows how the Persecution can come to a quick end by the Jap converts’ renunciation of Christianity because it isn’t authentic- the word for Christ was Sun in Japan- so these converts aren’t really Christians but worshiping the Sun! So there is no point in letting poor misinformed misdirected worshipers anymore suffer Buddhist Inquisition. After all Jesuits posing as monks can supply them the authentic version of Gospel of-course after they are done with enjoying what the warlords gave to ‘apostatize’, the women, the wealth, and still be ‘understood’ as doing deep missionary work!
But in reality- this also what Jesuits did- pose among Buddhists as Monks and in India as Brahmans and swamis as outlined in Sita Ram Goel’s Catholic ashrams.
However most were in the missionary work were very much human if only we care to read their hair rising exploits in brothels and Opium dens of china as with the ‘Saint’ Xavier..
This film obviously has no care for ruffling feathers portraying Japanese Culture in reductionist caricature as philosophically weaker-as if Buddhists cannot answer the demented rants of missionaries, the Padre demands ‘whats your reply to that?”
The Jesuit in this film also laments shedding tears- ‘there used to be so many Christians in its all gone, The soil is poisoned!”!
Wow! Or is it the other way- the missionaries were planting weeds of intolerance and bigotry in beautiful garden land of Buddhist and Shinto flower trees- that lives in harmony with nature, sees no need to Convert anyone or anything to dogmatic fanatical god ideas, doesn’t go about like beasts of burden with white man’s burden on your back, being humble enough knowing cultures have a lot to share from each other but most certainly Jesuit Christian fanaticism and its horrific dogmas aren’t one of those virtues.
Persecution psychosis goes hand in glove with Jesuit mission Imperialism’s aggression against other faith-cultures.
It is necessary, also to project also the horrific persecution that Christians did to others into where it doesn’t belong naturally.
This film supplies the passive aggression its lies and distortions about its Christian self- its own Portugal and Spanish Inquisitions- the methodology of imperial expansionism through missionaries, which the Japanese quickly learnt and employed to avoid rapid European colonization and Christianize.
This intellectually deceitful film is aimed instead at China- where the film about Persecution through Inquisition is a metaphor for Chinese Communist regime crackdown on Catholicism and secretive house church subversion of its culture.
Japan being hated and recognizable for its WW II past- helps with pushing the Jesuit lies both about their own development of Torture as religious device and Institution of Inquisition as Buddhist Japan’s.
This is not about faith but religious fanaticism that thinks its entitled to uproot others’ faiths and be self righteous with forcible methods and even torture in its own history, comfortable with its own sickening tales and past- but like it is said in New testament- the moat in one’s eye alone matters not the beam in the brother’s eye.
With this film the trend now in Hollywood- of bashing the East with the skeletons in the cupboard of West, projection as cinema, projection of West’s dark past into today’s East, dislocating its faith in itself using liberal methodology of Guilt, to displace the Eastern faiths with Christianity.
Projection West’s Dark Past into East is now not just a trend, but become a film tradition.
So clever of them- the Christian film makers wish Projection of Guilt yields the same results as it did in the west- the collapse of Christianity- in this case Buddhism or say with another film Hinduism.
Problem with this is the factual history of the Guilt it nails but not where it belongs- Inquisitions were after all a catholic invention.


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