Film Review- “Lion” requires a slap on face reading of History to Australia about how they stole the children of aborigine people

Film Review- “Lion” requires a slap on face reading of History to Australia about how they stole the children of aborigine people


If anybody thinks Australians are guilty about what they did in the past, they should see this Film Lion- far from any remorse about Racist ideas that literally attempted to do eugenics by separating mixed race children from aboriginals- the mixture is a polite way of how whites raped and exploited aboriginal women and left them to languish right on Railway tracks they built in hot sun.

All this gets projected into India-

The story is about a little boy, who gets lost in the world’s largest Eastern Railway networks, separated from his elder brother who dies in the tracks much like Australian aboriginals who built the aussy railroads, and lands in far away Calcutta again very much like Perth- where the aboriginal kids were sent like cattle to instituitiions.

The “Institutions” that lifted the aboriginal kids,  here becomes “a childless Couple”, with Nicole kidman as the mom, who adapts the muslim boy in India.

The Muslim boy till then starves and steals apples from a Plate of offerings to Mother Goddess, and we can see how superstitious Hindus of India starve minority children and feed instead heartless statues much like them. Not Nicole Kidman who feeds him with love, care and ways of the civilized.

The boy also before getting Stolen by the Kidman couple, was spotted by child sex ring leader another Bad guy who says as his dialogue “no Iam not Ram the God”.

The son must be going to mosques like in India, but that doesn’t happen because he is now having a Christian second name and the boy doesn’t know much ofcourse like aboriginal kids stolen by missionaries.

If we read history-

The idea expressed by A. O. Neville, the Chief Protector of Aborigines for Western Australia, and others as late as 1930 was that mixed-race children could be trained to work in white society, and over generations would marry white and be assimilated into the society.[9][10][11]

The grown up boy in Australia sleeps with a White girl repeatedly probably to emphasize the point?

Then the issue of his Roots-

20 years later the handsome boy suddenly remembers and misses his left behind brother and mom and embarks on a Quest- which is by Google maps.

The boy of course confronts his mom regarding his separation, which must logically be due to Infertility and childless marriage, essentially selfishness, but with Australian whites with such a past of Stolen Children, is a wonderful opportunity to read a twisted apologia-

People like Indians musnt have more kids than they can care! Its heartless.

Also for this very altruistic purpose they decided not to have any kids of their own- not because most western couples hate the bother and pain of child carriage and rising families. They would love if kids can be taken off the shelf you see like grocery in their well stacked supermarkets?

The entire film has much to show about Shame of India –having too many kids, crushed minorities under crushing poverty.

Not a single shot however as to what caused this mess to this former colony, with a straight nose about Australia’s projection of their own past Guilt to today’s India.

But wasn’t that the same thing they told screaming moms and kids when they forcibly separated them?

Let me introduce a scene that doesn’t come in this film – read this-

“I was at the post office with my Mum and Auntie [and cousin]. They put us in the police ute and said they were taking us to Broome. They put the mums in there as well. But when we’d gone [about ten miles (16 km)] they stopped, and threw the mothers out of the car. We jumped on our mothers’ backs, crying, trying not to be left behind. But the policemen pulled us off and threw us back in the car. They pushed the mothers away and drove off, while our mothers were chasing the car, running and crying after us. We were screaming in the back of that car. When we got to Broome they put me and my cousin in the Broome lock-up. We were only ten years old. We were in the lock-up for two days waiting for the boat to Perth.[21]

Far from the Post colonialism mind fucked hero of this film who says “ nothing has changed, you are still my mom and Dad” after Reunion.

The grown up boy Saroo who is actually Sheru “lion” as in Sherukhan, due to mispronunciation, locates with google map his small town. Flies to India and finds his mom and sister who are still waiting for him all these years.

The walk down alleys to his old house and a Reunion with all of village celebrating is touching for sure. But this is epiphany of shameless apologia ever about a racist exploitative colonialist atrocity on a poor people by projecting it deliberately to over populated India.

In other words Lion is about Neo-colonialism that maintains it did no wrong, picks excuse same way it did while decimating Aboriginal populace by stealing their children, and tells that sickening story in a haughty tone about how India neglects its children and is a hellish place and the only redemption can be by Uplifting West- buy Lifting the kids for adaption not any different than stolen generations of Aboriginals!

The Film getting funded by Australian film bodies and raging reviews is not the why we must think the misso-neo-colonialism succeeds.

It is that too many Indians in this film and people like Nicole kidiman are convinced of their noble ‘mission’ simply prove the words of

The Northern Territory Chief Protector of Aborigines, Dr. Cecil Cook, who argued that-

“Everything necessary [must be done] to convert the half-caste into a white citizen”.[13]

He seems to have splendidly succeeded.

But today’s West for all its insolent airs towards India can make a sequel on this with Home Grown terror with a Part II showing how Saroo becomes the Lion of the Islamic State by rediscovering his roots through Google search and ‘Radicalized by Net’ and plant a bomb attack on its Parliament.





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