Shiv Ratri and Nasa discovery of 7 earth like Exoplanets

Shiv Ratri and Nasa discovery of 7 earth like Exoplanets



With each passing year, humanity’s view and understanding of the Universe is expanding steadily at a breath taking pace.

For the first time ever mankind is coming into possession of an accurate vision of the cosmos, where before they had at best imaginations and fantasy.

The findings of the space bound telescopes are shattering the geocentric and ridiculously confined world ideas of Religions, especially the cosmology of the Abrahamic faith.

This demystification and opening of mankind’s eyes to the sheer scale, expanse and infinitude of cosmos teeming earth like worlds is surely going to push into irrelevance the unscientific Biblical ideas.

It is the insincerity of apologetic of Islam and Christianity that sustains the bubble of their world view that is getting busted with each passing day by space bound telescopes.If they were honest about what their God tells them about his creation, then they can peep into the Real Cosmos and see how awfully he got it all wrong and much he missed informing them if only he ever knew? In that sense this Shiv Ratri the scientists drive more nails into the coffin of Abrahamic world view and if only their heads were in working condition, they would leave behind them all this irrelevant Geocentric ignorance.and embrace an unimaginably vast new Future.

The noted Astro physicist Carl Sagan points to the Age of the Universe which is in terms of Billions of years and not as biblical chronology of Genesis which is merely half a dozen millenniums and expressed his amazement that of all ancient people only the Hindus and the Mayans had got the age of the cosmos correct- close to present scientific number of 13.7 Billion years, around 14 Billion years as mentioned in Brahmanda purana.

While Hindus can take legitimate pride in many such amazing facts their ancestors knew about the cosmos that only present day scientists are revealing, they should also avoid the error of assuming the Literalist position of the Abrahamic faith systems.

Unlike Abrahamic faiths the pagan faith systems of Hindus do not seek to confine the human mind in dogmatic visions of the Universe or attempt to reduce all future time into a theological finale.

Hinduism seeks to expand the minds of humanity, ever inviting new discoveries and new chapters in history.

Abrahamic faith systems look forward to the destruction of the Earth which is partly accomplished by their own fanaticism, in a Judgment Day. Hinduism’s God ideas have no need to Judge Humanity in an apocalypse, but expand their vision to this declaration that ‘All this vastness is indeed Vasudeva and meant for In-habitation”.

(Here is a Virtual view of the Planet by artist rendering- Click the arrows on top left of video frame to look around.)

The apologetic of Abrahamic faiths like the Islamists attempt to Retrofit scientific facts into verses of their scripture as if in 7 th century it was already known or revealed that the Cosmos was Billions of years old and that extra terrestrial planets were countless with alien beings and so on.

This is absolutely false claim- since nowhere any figure even close to the figure of 13.7 Billion years as age of cosmos given. They argue that the ridiculous Sumerian myth of anunakis making earth and the sky in 7 days which was plagiarized by bible writers millenniums later, as  7 ‘Divine Days’ each day of the gods like days of Brahma to be a billion years. Even if we retrofit the biblical myth with current scientific figure they still don’t cross even half the age of the universe, and contradict their own numbers given to Divine days of angels which is at best Thousands of years. Only the Hindu scriptures got the figures closest to accurate scientific figures.

This is a telling ignorance of the Biblical God about his own claimed creation.

We also can plainly see the Retroifit ‘science’ that Islamists claim don’t sit well with many such  rudimentary ignorance-  about  meteorites which the koranic science says are stones hurled by Jinns”, and that ‘the Moon and the Sun are lamps hung in the sky’. To make matters worse Islamic cosmology has no idea of basic facts of our Solar system and tells us that ‘Allah had ordained a fixed Course for the Sun and Moon so that their paths don’t meet” ie collide! Does the Sun go around in an orbit? Perhaps yes, around the Galactic center! But that requires a clear mention of Sun being one among billions of sun like stars each with planetary systems like our own- all such basic facts known to even children today are nowhere even remotely hinted. Even then Islamic God must know that the Moon is only a satellite of a small planet called earth and both go around the sun and their Paths will never ever cross each other because the question of that event never arises except if the Islamic God like the other medieval people saw the sky with plain ignorance of their day- making them wonder how moon and sun that goes around earth never collides!

So how is all this new facts of our Universe that it is so vast that humanity or earth becomes a mere insignificant speck, going to affect the not so great Religions?

Firstly the fact that there are so many earth like planets, perhaps as many as there are billions of stars or even manifold-as in the case of Trappist 1 system with 7 earth like planets around a single dwarf Ultracool Red star- will take the wind out of the sails of an Earth centric doomsday awaiting scripture based unscientific cosmology of Abrahamic faith systems.

On top of that, if Organic molecules that make up life or an atmosphere rich in nitrogen and oxygen, or any signatures of life forms by gases emitted are detected confirming extra terrestrial bio genesis- then the entire Abrahamic mythology of God creating Life with very amusing details gets is smashed as nonsensical.

Large segment s of mankind that are now reeling under the deadweight and shackles of a dreadful Abrahamic God idea will be forced to see the Reality of Universe and Life and its ubiquitous, process based, non-supernatural occurrence as well as its non- unique extra terrestrial abundance.

The expansion of cosmic vision will free them from the ignorance of a medieval myth and save them from all the trouble that its dogmas entail of its follower.

While Hindu texts have intuitively grasped at many scientific facts, they too have obvious inaccuracies. For instance the Geetha mentions the Moon as a Star which it is not. Even as metaphor the moons cannot be compared to Stars ie nakshatras. The obvious conclusion is that the author of the text was not God but very much a human composer who imagined Moon as brightest among the fellow stars. While the stars and moons are nowhere related or comparable. At best krisna is saying he is to be seen among the starry firmament as bright as the moon- but definitely he cannot be the moon among the stars as they don’t belong to same category of heavenly bodies.

Now how does this help? By seeing a human side to the Divine scriptures?

It thwarts dogmatism and literalist readings that are required to build a Monotheistic infallibility.

There are several revolutionary cosmological ideas such as the Multiverse universes and Time Travel and its effects on aging and so on in vasihnavite texts and Hindu scriptures. But the human errors are also there indicating a human authorship of their times.

The very magnificence of Hindus and their faith is that they display on one hand amazing scientific facts perhaps known through meditative and intuitive processes, and on the other very clear lack of facts that only science informs us today.

This makes it possible for Hindus to possess a Non-Abrahamic frame of mind that does not need Infallibility of its spiritual ideas or a dogmatic imperative that calls for a closed mind or any apologia that Retrofits science into plainly primitive ideas abound in their texts, ‘oh Hinduism knew all this science already’! If it did the scientific papers so far submitted or published don’t show it.

So this self critical but non cynical and yet open mind of Hindus are the best fit to inherit the vastness of Cosmos that is awaiting to welcome humanity to colonize it and expand to ever newer worlds.

The Abrahamic narrative that is Geocentric has no place in this future where earth will just be a short episode in the memory of a New beginning for humanity and left behind or even forgotten as a home planet as accurately envisioned in Asimov’s Foundation.

In fact the strangle hold of the Biblical Myths was so strong on even scientific minds that Issac Asimov obsesses in his Sci Fi story over finding the Original Home planet of humanity by then dwelling in million star systems.

In reality there may be as much humanity as ours that starts to colonize the galactic neighborhood from other earth like planets from the other side of mIlkyway alone. There may soon be a hybrid race with aliens or through genetic engineering or with machines that become one or even many new species.

On the eve of Shiv Ratri, the discovery of 7 new earths like Planets around a same single Dwarf star with 3 of them in Habitable zone takes humanity to fascinating future full of possibilities.

If such systems are within 40 light years, it means by the half of this millennium humanity can reach there and start colonizing and with findings of more such relatively near stellar systems and advance of propulsion technology cutting travel time, in this Millennium humanity will take wings to own the Galaxy.

All this provided the most absurd and unscientific Abramic world ideas don’t end in a nuclear Jihad and Crusade that will blow up our Earth in a religious Armageddon. The only great thing the Abrahamic God did would be to destroy humanity before it could even glimpse at the marvel of the enormous Universe he is supposed to have made,but of which He has provided zippo details in his supposed Books, yet teeming with habitable or already inhabited planets  and could very well gift us.

Humanity is at the cross roads of the Geocentric ignorance of ancient people and Abrahamic faiths about their cosmos and an open mind of Hindus that welcomes new discoveries. On Shiv Ratri let us welcome New Life that leaves behind all this ignorance on brand New Earths.
































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