Hindu Activist Biswajit Mondal walks out of West Bengal prison in hero’s welcome- first pics

Hindu Activist Biswajit Mondal walks out of West Bengal prison in hero’s welcome- first pics

Due to worldwide pressure, Hindu activist Biswajit Modal has been released from West Bengal prison on bail today. He went back to his village in Uluberia where he was accorded a hero’s welcome. Hindu activist Biwswajit Mondal works with Hindu Samhati and was put behind bars at the insistence of the local Islamists and under false cases.



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Hindus worldwide have started lobbying with various agencies to release Hindu activist Biswajit Mondal detained illegally by West Bengal police.

According to local sources, the young Hindu activist, Mr. Biswajit Mondal was arrested by the Uluberia police, based on based on false allegations by Islamists, a short time earlier today. Biswajit is a Hindu samhati local volunteer. Uluberia is in Howrah district of West Bengal, India.

A few days back a public feast was organized in Uluberia. Many Hindu youths had attended. Seeing so many Hindus together, Islamists became nervous and complained falsely to the police about extortion and making loud noise over the mike. Biswajit was summoned to the police station for questioning today. The police wrongfully arrested him under pressure from local Islamists. Hindus became very angry at this news and have been camping in front of the police station to protest.

According to the last information available, Hindus from Baghnan and Deuti have also left for Uluberia to be part of the protests. They have only one demand. “Innocent Hindu Solidarity activist and brother Biswajit Mondal has to released unconditionally”.Uluberia is slowly becoming a Jihadi hotspot in Bengal in recent times. A Jihadi takeover of a high school in Uluberia with demand of Nabi Day had happened there sometime back. Due to Hindu Samhati’s efforts , it was foiled successfully.


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