School Principal along with RAF and CM Mamata threatened publicly by Jihadis in West Bengal

School Principal along with RAF and CM Mamata threatened publicly by Jihadis in West Bengal

Hindu Samhati fighters had saved a high school in Uluberia, Howrah from the clutches of around 500 Jihadis after an intense physical battle. They saved the school from ransack and the careers of many students. This story was published in Hindu Sentinel on the 25th of December. The Principal of the school played a key role in that struggle. Today a few hundread Jihadis in Uluberia , West Bengal threatened the Principal with dire consequences in full public view. They also challenged Rapid Action Force (RAF) and even the Chief Minister, Mamata Bannerjee, saying that Jihadis are fighting for Allah , and that even RAF and Mamata will not be able to stop them. Many concerned citizens from West Bengal have appealed to the Prime Minister Modi and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh to provide protection to the school teacher. They a have also demanded immediate arrest of the Jihadis.

Translation of what the Jihadists are saying:

We want to send a strong message to the Government.
We demand to celebrate Nabi (Mohammed’s) birthday every year in the Islamic month of Rabiul in Government Schools.
From 1st day to 29th day of Robiul month we demand the whole school premises for one day to celebrate prophet’s birthday party.
Do you guys agree with me?
Yes(public) Nara He taker (public) Allah hu Akbar (public).
Do you know how coward these school teachers are? Do you know how coward this Head master is? Now they are afraid of you people and are sitting inside the Gurberia Thana.
When I was in car, the OC of the thana was calling me and saying “Hujur, please forgive them, all these teachers have come to my place. President is also here, please can we have talks with them.”
I replied I don’t talk with cowards. If they are child of a single father and single mother ask them to come here inside the school building to meet me.
People of Howrah Amta area, Gourharish pur area,Panchla area,Uluberia have came here to protest and how can you ask only me to make a deal? All of them came here for their Prophet , I came here for the same reason.
OC sir even if you send 2000 RAF we are not afraid as we are here not for our-self but for out Prophet. Narah e Takbir, Allah hu Akbar (public).Narah e Takbir, Allah hu Akbar (public), Narah e Takbir, Allah hu Akbar (public).
Police said to me what will happen if RAF arrive?
I said RAF can not do any thing… even father of RAF can’t do anything,  even if CM herself come here nobody can stop us.
Is this correct or wrong. Yes (public). Whoever came here they came here for Nabi – for prophet.
Whatever party they may belong to – but everyone came
here for Nabi (Prophet), we are one for our Nabi (Prophet).
We are united for our Rashul, we are united for our prophet. we are united for our Allah. We are united for our Quran. We are united for Shariya, we are united for our Allah. is this right or wrong? Yes (public).
But we are not going to forgive that schoolmaster so easily. He can escape the net but not the pond. Am I right? Yes (public). Today he escaped the net but noway he can escape from the  pond . That rascal has to come back.


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