George Soros and the Global Jihad of Shadow bankers- Part 1

George Soros and the Global Jihad of Shadow bankers- Part 1


This is part 1 of 3 part article on George Soros,

( George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist, and author. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. In over 100 countries he funds Subversive activities and ideas first creating Shadow Governments and Opposition with singular aim to destroy Nationalism and clear the way for ‘Globalism’.which according to his idea needs destruction of every conservative society and culture. Recently he rallied liberal Billionaires to ‘wrest Power back’ from the Right wing that has upset the Left Domination, that began with Geert wilders, Modi, Brexit Vote, and Trump .)

George Soros and the Global Jihad of Shadow bankers


George shwartz was a Jew who grew up in the anti-Semitic atmosphere of pre world war II Eastern Europe.

His family escaped the persecution and holocaust however by falsely declaring they to be gentile ie non-Jews which might be understandable given the circumstance and perhaps forgivable-

But the Soros went much further than just escaping the Nazis by dropping their Jewish identity.

They ingratiated to the enemy of their people at a time when – as George proudly recalls the anti-Semitism of his Jewish mother, when Europe was turning against the Jews as a scapegoat.

Soros as the 14 year old ‘god son’ of a Hungarian bGusinessman, claiming to be Christian  would accompany him to identify the properties and assets of the Jews that were getting confiscated by the Nazis.

As a Nazi collaborator Soros aided the preparation of the List, unlike Schindler’s list this would identify high value properties to be confiscated and sold at dirt cheap price- profiting out of misery of people- in his case his own disowned people-a recognizable trait of treachery about this man.

 While kids of that age were joining the Resistance movements against Nazis in occupied Europe, he claims to be a mere child and not to understand what was happening. His later life however would be exactly about making a fortune from destroyed wealth of entire nations.

Around the turn of the millennium, name an economic crisis anywhere in world, and you can detect the clear fingerprints of Soros and his club of vultures.

Political Crisis and social turmoil devaluates Economic assets and if one could envision the Crisis, then one can Profit out of it.

The Soros shadow bankers identify without fail every economic crisis, by accurately spotting the asset Bubbles that form during booms in business cycles.

They could spot it easily because they are indeed the architects of the boom, fueling the rise in valuations by guzzling up the market.

The emotional triggerman driven by repressed guilt

Soros sought to justify himself in the mirror every morning- by deluding himself to be some contrarian Philosopher like Nietzsche- by obtaining degrees in Philosophy.

So he could philosophize his horrific cruel betrayal of fellow Jews.

Spiritually dead, it is possible he was repressing the guilt of collaborating with Nazis and betraying the Jews. Whenever confronted about his dark past, Soros coldly stated ‘if I had not bought the assets of those Jews, someone else would have”. 

The repressed guilt we can see takes over his life, as a carnivorous predator of markets.

Here was a man sick inside and seeking the cure outside of him- On a mission to heal the world.

The only vindication he can get is from a humanity that sees nothing wrong in a George Soros.

The Open Society.

Where there are no values, right or wrong, and so no one could be in the wrong.

So he can be exonerated in a godless anarchist utopia.

To achieve that Utopia of Moral relativism, Soros and his vulture culture has to destroy every conservative society and nation on earth.

Thus, more he ages, the more agitated and active he becomes, to hasten the arrival of such a utopia.

George Soros was recreating mankind in his own image- where no one knows what is right or wrong so he stands excused. The means for such a global scale social re-engineering will come by stripping the society itself in which he operates.

To his relief, the more he works his evil on the markets, and politics, the more in his likeness the society was becoming.

He was developing a taste to Profit from Human Crisis with a cold indifference to its consequences to real people.

Pretending to be an Economic pundit and market guru, he was rationalizing his Crimes by convincing others, that making money out of an Economic Crisis is a legitimate and respectful way to earn one’s living. Wall Street crocodiles naturally hailed him.

Soros we may try understand this despicable man, is obviously a man driven by repressed guilt.

Thus, Soros admits ‘Israel has a right to exist and defend herself’ but deploys all his wealth to help every Terrorist front group and movement that openly vows to wipe Israel out of the world map! 

In other words, he was forced to Betray Jews because he was a Jew. He wouldn’t have been in that position in the first place -to escape that fact and betray them, if there were no Jews at all on earth.

A psychologically healthy mind on the contrary, easily reconciled with that past by resolving to stand for Israel and defend her.

This was how Islamists acquired this Billionaire to wipe out Israel. This is also why their genocidal cause appeals to his heart.

Thus this raking guilt within Soros is the key to understand all his monstrous actions and defeat them. 

To cut his long sickening story short, Soros first discovered which anybody knows- that during times of Crisis, economic assets dive downwards and as they plunge, one can take huge Short Positions and profit and exit- making obscene sums for himself and others like him, who run Hedge funds-

His brothers in arms that would become a Global Vulture Club.

Soros turned an Ethical Crime into Legitimate Business by spelling out this sickening idea – how to profit from a Market Crisis and how to engineer a Crisis and benefit from it, in so many words to the denizens of a vulture culture.

Soros’ evil mind also relished at human frailty that drives the markets, two strong emotional forces.

Greed and Panic.

These two make markets behave irrationally at least in the short run- Bad news dips the markets and feel good news spikes Dow Jones.

Market sentiment then drives the market direction and not true valuations.

Irrational reflexes like fear and panic or greed, dictates the markets which then sets up a vicious cycle.

Bad and Good news enters into stock valuations, more than its fundamentals.

This pivotal role of media and its power to control minds through triggers of Fear and Greed would therefore become central to his actions.

Soros was now among spiders that weaved and moved around a worldwide cobweb of Media, Financial markets, politics and social engineering.

Soros found that the emotional trigger of a society in which the market operates was the key to the power that rules over it.

The same drivers of strong emotions push society, to take irrational decisions, which are the mainstream media narratives.

The job of these spiders was to spin a web of deceitful ap, and bait the prey with its own emotional misjudgments- using the media.

The good news brings in the victims, hurrying to profit from the good news about the market, that media spreads around.

Or vice versa. When enough flies had been trapped, the Bad news surfaces using the same Media and the Shadow bankers and hedge funds do short selling leaving millions of human flies in the web of a market crash.

Soros went beyond mere manipulation of market sentiments, to employ the same persuasive powers of mass media towards affecting the mood of nations, towards the rulers.

The shadow bankers could at will lift up the nation’s mood towards any issue, leader or government. With the same ease, they could depress a nation and generate all round pessimism, and loss of confidence.

The media generated euphoria or pessimism, both could be devoid of substance or factual basis- more often in contrast to stark reality.

Thus during the post Thatcher’s UK of early 90s even as the economy performed splendidly and un-employment levels at record lows, the prevailing conviction of the Public was that the Conservatives were not doing a good job at governing.

This ability of media elite to create a mass cognitive dissonance would bestow on them dictatorial powers through Political Correctness. 

The Political Powers would acknowledge this and soon be taking dictations of what should and shouldn’t be done. 

But the media elite would only be reading the handed out script-lines of the shadow bankers like Soros or Politicos such as Hillary Rodham Clinton or the vested interests like deep pocketed Wahaabis who bankroll them. It is they who would hold the real reins of Power.

The alternate media so comically explained by Hillary Clinton in her campaign that it defeated, being decentralized stayed immune to the lures of Soros and his shadow bankers. It thwarted the mainstream narrative fully taking over America, enabling Trump to win. 

This is why Soros while rallying behind him the Political leadership and the banking fraternity, and militant Unions vows to wrest ‘the Power back’ from the working class elected Trump. 

This why the media hounds went after Stephen Bannon the archetypical caricatured Alt Right voice.

This is no empty threat.

Sorosean shadow bankers unseated the Conservatives in UK for almost one and half decades by first unleashing a relentless media blitzkrieg that bombarded the mass minds with a narrative that falsified the reality about excellent performance of the Conservative government. The reality of good times was attributed to global factors.

Then it convinced an overwhelming majority of Brits that a Conservative government was always bad for the people.    

The same cognitive dissonance we can spot in the Street protests in America that seem to terribly miss and lament the dismal performance of Obama- Clinton administration for two terms.

On the other hand, no sooner than Trump merely became President Elect, the criticism of every unintended word or action of his administration has already begun starting with his key appointments.

Over time this mainstream media narrative can convince enough people to acquire a pessimistic outlook and a cynical evaluation about Republican governance and Trump.

Though the Shadow bankers among themselves would be the ones to early on invest into the economic boom they know would follow suit.

Simultaneously with equal vigor they would spread the cynicism, anticipating way ahead the bubble creation, which the very same media mercenary would lure the uninformed and unwary middle class investors and speculators to get caught in the web.  

They would do all this even as they rally forces, roping in Unions and activists to scuttle the Recovery.

The cynical narratives over time would acquire a critical mass and at a crucial juncture, the shadow bankers would spot the Achilles heel of the boom cycle and zero down there to plunge everything in a spectacular market crash.

Along with the enormous sums Soros and his vultures amassed through many cycles of boom and bust, came besides god like powers to make or break any nation’s markets.

Since such manipulation of markets is forbidden by law, George Soros never operated in a strictly regulated market such as the American capital market.  Knowing he would go to serve time for rest of his life if caught by Exchange Regulators, he operated from islands that provide sanctuaries for money launders and drug dealers.

This man without scruples is now the Moral champion at the vanguard of the Protest movement against Trump who won on a working class mandate.

Left liberals who would want every conservative cause or lobbyist to be seen by us as a Jewish capitalist conspiracy funded by ‘zionist bankers’, are rushing to this traitor Jew who made a fortune destroying the wealth many nations manipulating capital markets. What was till the other day an illuminati New World Order conspiracy is now the way forward under a Currency Trader and shadow banker?

As long as there are zombies who agree how to think only through the dictated lines of left liberal Political Correctness George Soroses are inevitable.  They reduce people of a free society, abusing the freedom of thought to turn them into mere crowds that cheer or mobs in a frenzy, driven by the same processes of Thought control.     







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