‘Day of Rage’ style Islamist mob attack on 15 Hindu temples and 100s of Hindu houses in Bangladesh

‘Day of Rage’ style Islamist mob attack on 15 Hindu temples and 100s of Hindu houses in Bangladesh

Firstly will the Government of Jawaharlal Modi even take notice and protest over this attack on Hindu minority in Bangladesh?

Modi during his visit to Bangladesh wrote a Billion bucks check for them, but uttered not one word about Plight of the Hindus.

This government that cheated on hindus will respond strongly to Shah Rukh Khan detained in an american airport probably because he figures in their Terror watch list to help him out. The PM will ask imaginary offenders to kill him before they attack Dalits but surely wont go to say this to the Islamist mob that is attacking hindu temples and hapless hindus’ homes.

Note also this PTI report recalls a ‘Pattern’ behind this wave of attack as similar to the recent attacks on Buddhists.

Days of Rage is a project of the Wahaabi movement where some excuse of hurt sentiments is made to do violence to infidels.

These physical attacks were allegedly thanks to some Facebook posts that had ‘hurt their sweet sentiments’! The mainstream media knows to hurt the sentiments of muslims’ is good enough valid cause to kill and destroy property.


hindutemples-vandalisedDhaka, October 31

At least 15 Hindu temples in Bangladesh have been vandalised over an “anti-Islamic” post on Facebook, sparking panic in the country’s minority community.Temples in Brahmanbarhia district’s Nasirnagar were vandalised on Sunday and more than 100 Hindu houses were plundered in mayhem that lasted hours. Two temples in Madhabpur in the neighbouring Habiganj district were also attacked, police and witnesses said.Six people were arrested over the attacks. Paramilitary Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) have been deployed in Nasirnagar and Madhabpur Upazila headquarters along with the Rapid Action Battalion, police and Armed Police Battalion, bdnews24.com reported.The attack was similar to those on the country’s Buddhist community.The latest attack began with a Facebook post by one Rasraj Das from Harinberh village under Haripur Union Parishad, locals said.Das was detained for blasphemy, SP Mizanur said.Protests against the post were called under the banner of ‘Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat’ in Habiganj district headquarters and Nasirnagar. Demonstrations were also announced in Habiganj’s Madhabpur.Hundreds protested against the post.Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country.SP Mizanur, quoting witnesses, said a group of the demonstrators, armed with local weapons, vandalised the temples at Duttubarhi, Namashudraparha and Ghoshparha, and Jagannath Temple and Goura Temple.They also vandalised and looted the houses of the Hindu families. Several priests were injured in the attack, he said. Locals say the incidents have sparked fears among the country’s Hindu community. —  PTI


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