Hindu Activists are getting hacked to death in Tamil Nadu by clockwork- Taliban Nadu ?

Hindu Activists are getting hacked to death in Tamil Nadu by clockwork- Taliban Nadu ?


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Saturday, 24 September 2016 | Kumar Chellappan | Chennai

Coimbatore, the commercial and industrial hub of Tamil Nadu, wore a partially paralysed look on Friday as shops, business establishments and commercial centres downed their shutters following the gruesome murder of C Sasikumar, a prominent leader of the Hindu Munnani on late Thursday.

The murder of Sasikumar comes immediately after the murder of R Suri (36), the Hossur district secretary of the VHP. It was on September 19, a gang of three members who came on motor cycle with their faces covered, hacked Suri to death.

The killings of two prominent Sangh Parivar leaders has sent shock waves across the State. Ramagopalan, the octogenarian leader of the Hindu Munnani, said that Tamil Nadu has become unsafe for Hindus. “The frequent killings of Hindu activists and Hindu leaders occur because of the inefficiency and indifference of the government as well as the department of police,” the octogenarian Ramagopalan told The Pioneer.

Sasikumar was killed near his home in a Coimbatore suburb while he was returning after attending a meeting of Hindu Munnani. It is reported that a four-member gang who followed him in  two-wheelers hacked him with sickles and swords. Thoughhe was immediately taken to a private hospital by people who rushed in to save him from the attackers, doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. Sasikumar has as many as 11 cuts on his body. Later, the boy was shifted to Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital for autopsy.



Sasikumar (36) was a popular leader of the Hindu Munnani and was in the forefront of the campaign against terrorism and Love Jihad, a serious issue in Coimbatore district. Buses and taxis remaned off the rod in both Coimbatore and Tirupur on Friday in response to a bundh call issued by Hindu Munnani and various other sangh Parivar outfits.

He pointed out that the Sangh Parivar has lost more than a dozen leaders in the last three years and all of them were murdered by members of Islamic terrorist organisations.


Tamilnadu government has been soft on growing Radical Islamists even and ISIS
Tamilnadu government has been soft on growing Radical Islamists even and ISIS


“The month of September saw the jihadi elements unleashing attacks in five different places targeting Sangh Parivar leaders. Two Hindu Munnani functionaries , Shankar Ganesh of Dindigul and Mahesh of Vellore had providential escape while Sasi and Suri lost their lives,” Ramagopalan pointed out.

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Gautaman Ramakrishnan, director, Vedic Science Research Centre, added that the gruesome murder of 23-year-old Dhanya, a software engineer at Coimbatore on September 14 too was a jihadi attack. “Dhanya was hacked to death by Zakkeer, a Muslim youth, when she rejected his proposal to marry her,” said Gautaman who also pointed out that the Sangh Parivar has not made any retaliatory actions to these incidents. “We are at the receiving end of jihadi terrorist activities in Tamil Nadu while the government looks the other way,” alleged Gautaman. Intelligence officials, both belonging to the State and Central agencies are of the view that not a single attack has been carried out be the Sangh Parivar in spite of the fact that it has lost more than eight or nine important functionaries in the recent past.

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