Muslims want ‘Islamic conquest of Europe’, Austrian cardinal says (Debate) RT Video

Muslims want ‘Islamic conquest of Europe’, Austrian cardinal says (Debate) RT Video
Note the parenthesis quote as if there could be any doubt or question about this Hijrah to Europe ?
In discussions no body reminds anyone e about Muslim Brotherhood’s long known stand that Muslims must indeed demographically take over Europe
The Cardinal has accurately used the term ‘many’.
Arent there no evidence already that ‘many muslims’ are indeed declaring their intent to take over Europe quite openly?
Note how this fact recognized by a Church head is described as ‘Unchristian’ by Ramadan foundation spin doctor.
Now Christianity too must be authenticated from Islamic apologists! Besides he calls the Left leaning social democrat rival in debate as ‘Right Wing Propagandists’ !!
RT was so insanely insincere that while cheer-leading Palestinian knife attacks on Israeli jews that its TV Camera crew had to be barricaded and protected by Israeli forces from the very same Palestinian mobs.
So too, we can be sure smug RT would report that indeed this Cardinal event has begun happening to Russia itself soon- that muslims indeed want to take over Russia.RT forgets the Dagestan and chechenya have higher birth rates and Migration into Russia in search of better lives and Hijrah for Islam is already happening.

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