Aligarh Expulsion Of Hindu Populace By Sexual Assaults and Intimidation – Page from Partition Riots and Exodus of Kashmir Pundits

Aligarh Expulsion Of Hindu Populace By Sexual Assaults and Intimidation – Page from  Partition Riots and Exodus of Kashmir Pundits

Not only did Islamic Ghazis found targeting Infidel women as best way to intimidate and push out infidels, obtaining infidel women for conversion to Islam and progeny is the fastest path to Islamization of any region.

In the bloody years preceding Partition of India, one most frequent cause for break out of communal riots was elopement of Hindu women, molestation or gang rapes- something Europeans were horrified to look at this New Years’ Eve in Cologne Germany.

In Kashmir too, the threat to rape Pundit women was delivered and was one main reason Pundits left en masse.

So as Wahabi money flows like a river and entire regions get radicalized, the same river of money sustains a propaganda to the benefit of the advancing front lines of this Global Jihad in India- this time in Uttar Pradesh, the land of Mullah Yadhavs, at Aligarh the bastion of Islamic Sepratism that sprang from Aligarh Muslim University and today shines as Pakistan- a beacon of Terror on a global scale.

This media report from Zee News seems the least dishonest-

A molestation incident in Aligarh’s Babri Mandi area has triggered a communal unrest between the two communities.

The Hindu families are approaching the district administration and requesting them to buy their properties as they don’t feel safe living there

‘Miscreants pulled sari of a 19-year-old Hindu woman’ 

The fears of Hindu families were strengthened after some miscreants of a different community allegedly pulled sari of a 19-year-old Hindu woman, according to a report in TOI.

The molestation incident led to stone pelting between the two groups. Cops had to intervene to control the situation.

“Our daughters are not safe here,” Sudha Varshney, who has been living in the area for 38 years, said.

“There are many families ready to sell their properties. It is not possible to live in this area. We are in a minority,” Sudha said.

Hindu girls not able to go to school

According to Sudha, “the roads are narrow and some boys from a different community sit on both sides of the path making it difficult for their girls to even go to school.”

“Several girls have refused to attend class fearing for their safety,” Sudha added.

Additional district magistrate (ADM) Avadhesh Tiwari said, “We will make sure no family exodus takes place.”

First Published: Sunday, July 24, 2016 – 09:54

However, the mainstream media has begun doing its own Jihad.

The Jihad has begun full swing- the attack on Infidel girls is now a sign of Islamist Radicalization of an area.

But the mainstream Media has begun a Lying Campaign claiming Hindus are not under any threat from Islamists in such areas! One media outlet claims figures of Muslim families as Victims as 45 against hundreds of hindu families, and then jacks it up to add another 165 Muslim families as total Re settlers!

It cleverly suppresses the reasons for Muslim Re settlers leaving area. Did these Muslim families relocate because their women were molested by Hindu boys? Media also is doing Propaganda for wahabi Islamization of entire areas. by telling lies and arranging false testimonies as seen in Teelsta Setelvad type pro-muslim activism. -and irony of irony even the not so bright Home Minister of BJP Rajnath Singh-agrees- ‘ we must not Communalise the issue”.

Well….you cant top that joke. How can we ‘communalise’ an already Islamist enterprise of No Go Zone establishment which begins with Intimidating displacement and sanitation of area by ethnic cleansing of kafirs like it happened in Kashmir valley?

Its happening all over North east Border Districts.Assault of kafir women happens world wide- as in city of Cologne Germany New year Eve- but mainstream media has plenty of  Petro dollars and time to sit and bluff into ears of targeted infidels.





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