Chennai- Brutal ISIS Style Cut Throat Murder of Infosys Girl, to terrorize other Love Jihad Victims?

Chennai- Brutal ISIS Style Cut Throat Murder of Infosys Girl, to terrorize other Love Jihad Victims?



Swathi is an upwardly mobile Hindu Girl living the Indian dream, working for Infosys.

Her father Srinivasan drops her off at the Nungambakkam Railway Station for her to take the commute to Mahindra City some 60 Kms away every day.

She is described by media reports as a very quiet girl.

But all her dreams would be shattered that Friday morning by a knife wielding entity that is familiar to hundreds and thousands of Hindu Girls victimized and destroyed, known as the Love Jihadi. The media’s job is to deny his hand.

It seems this girl was seen last arguing with the animal now identified by Police from CCTV camera shots of him as he left the station after killing her.

The Pattern here is clear- to terrorize Hindu Girls as to what will happen if they refuse the advances of a Jihadi?

Tamil Nadu Politics is driven by two major Dravidian parties and assorted irrelevant groups based on caste identity politics and chauvinism.

The net result of both Ruling and Opposition parties wooing Islamist groups is what we have begun to see since few years- headstrong youth armed with sharp weapons, brutally hacking to death Hindu outfit leaders and workers in cold blood.

All along when Islamists were targeting and murdering one by one Hindu leaders, the State authorities were denying any involvement of Islamists at all. The motive of each of these gruesome murders, often done in public in view to instill Terror in true Islamic fashion-  was asserted as to do with some personal animosity or feud but not Jihad. So this latest murder too is bound to be denied as Jihad murder attack.

The string of murders that lead up to the murder of Auditor Ramesh in Salem 2 years ago had forced State police to act and apprehend the murderers-

But the political patronage seems to continue and embolden the blood thirsty Jihadis.

Reports also indicate a worrisome Stand Offish cowardice shown by Hindu public. None went to the girl’s rescue or even bothered to raise an alarm- they just caught the next train to work.

There were plenty of witnesses but none wanted to mess with Jihadis by giving witness.

These things must have encouraged the choice of this animal Bilal something, a Muslim identified by Police to kill her in full view of her fellow Hindus.

This will embolden other Jihadis to kill and get away with impunity.

One of the media reports says-

The murder of a 24 years old Infosys woman employee, in public at Nungambakkam railway station from where she commutes to work

Her screams for help however fell on deaf ears as the people who witnessed the horrific incident chose to look away, claims a shopkeeper who runs a stall at the station.

The man, on conditions of anonymity, told The News Minute that he heard the girl’s screams in the morning but by the time he and others around him ran to the spot, she had been brutally injured.

The shopkeeper, who opens his shop at 6 am, said that it was around 6:30 am that he heard the shrieking.

“We ran to the spot and saw that the girl had been injured on the throat or neck. She was lying in a pool of blood. We did not see the attacker. He may have had run away from the other side,” he said.

“But there were people present at the spot who witnessed the entire incident and they quietly left in the next train,” he added.


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