Murders of Minority Hindus in Bangladesh

Murders of Minority Hindus in Bangladesh

(GHN), 25-05-2016, Gaibandha District, Bangladesh. The continuing persecution, murders and slaughter of Minority Hindus in Bangladesh is a ongoing Crises. Debesh Chandra Pramanik, (68), Hindu businessman was assassinated by unknown perpetrators on 25.05.2016 at about 6.00 hours morning at Mohimgonj Bazar, under the area of Govindagonj police station at Gaibandha District, Bangladesh.

Rabindra Ghosh along with Tapan Kumar Pandey of Bangladesh Minority Watch had visited the spot on 26th May,2016, and talked to Shreemoti Ananda Pramanik who is the wife of the deceased. They also spoke to local police officers and Superintendent of Police, Gaibandha who said that one Nripen Chandra who is an addict has been arrested in this connection. But, the wife of deceased claimed that Nripen Chandra may not be involved in the murder. She also gave them a written statement that some police officers of Govindagonj police station had pressurized her (Shrimoti Ananda Pramanik) to involve the name of this person who has been held. Accordingly, under pressure she mentioned the name of Nripen Chandra. But nobody can really say who killed Debesh Chandra Pramanik. A murder is a serious matter and the case should be investigated fairly & thoroughly. 

Police recorded the case at Govindagonj Police Station as Case No.35/219 dated 25.05.2016 under section 302/34 of penal code. Rabindra Ghosh along with Tapan Kumar Pandey of Bangladesh Minority Watch have scrutinized the first information report (FIR) and they came to know that the F.I.R. was lodged by Sreemoti Ananda Pramanik. However, the police station has neither registered the entire complaint nor the correct complaint. The recorded statement is inaccurate and incomplete. The complaint seems to have been changed to suit the police or the perpetrators. Rabindra Ghosh along with Tapan Kumar Pandey also talked with local U.P. Chairman who too had a similar opinion and said “I have every reason to believe that Nripen Chandra is not involved with this murder case and he might be a victim of circumstances” This current investigation appears as though the police are trying to indict an innocent person to settle the matter. This way the case papers appear solved without the Police really doing any work. It is also possible that the Police may be trying to protect the actual perpetrators. Cases related to Minority Hindus are hushed up and not treated seriously by the police. It appears that the police is generally hand in glove with the perpetrators as there is a Muslim majority in Bangladesh. In most cases such as this one, no actual action and results of the investigations are seen.

Bangladesh Minority Watch is very concerned about the continuing killings & persecution of minority Hindus. Minority Hindu businessmen are being killed regularly and they demand the immediate arrest of the real perpetrators who are involved with this murder. Bangladesh Minority Watch is also very concerned about the killing of another businessman Arup Dutta who was also hacked to death on the 8th February, 2016.গাইবান্ধায়-সংখ্যালঘু-হিন্দু-ব্যবসায়ীকে-কুপিয়ে-হত্যা

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