CPM attacks BJP & RSS as Victory Celebration in Kerala

CPM attacks BJP & RSS as Victory Celebration in Kerala

Kannur (GHN) – 19th May, 2016 – In the wake of the victory of the Left Front in Kerala polls, there were several incidents of celebratory violence directed against the opposition parties, esp., the BJP & the RSS.
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is one of the most violent parties and has a record of attacking and killing BJP and RSS members. They have for a few decades now propagated a politics of terror. In Kerala, the IDF has just won the election no doubt through its politics of terror and suppression. This has resulted in a violent celebration in which numerous innocent members of the RSS and BJP are being targeted. The Main Stream Media as usual is silent to these reports and has on the contrary spread a report of a CPM worker being killed in this violence. But the Main Stream Media has forgotten to mention the fact that the violence was initiated by the CPM as a celebration of its political Victory of the elections.

The present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had about four years ago gone on record to say that in the preceding years almost 250 RSS workers had been murdered by CPM in Kerala. This phase of murders of the RSS workers by CPM workers is not quite at an end. Only recently on the 15th of February, 2016, a young  27 year old RSS activist and BJP worker KV Sujith was hacked to death right in front of the eyes of his old parents who were also injured along with his brother, when they tried to intervene to prevent the incident. The assailants were so bold that they entered the house of Sujith in Kannur to murder him in absolutely cold blood. These kinds of incidents are not new to Kannur nor can they be considered the last as this is an ongoing battle of supremacy as the CPM resists the idea that RSS can make inroads in Kannur and thereby change their stranglehold on the local population. Whereas these cases of Murder cannot remain hidden and are therefore reported by the Main Stream Media however other incidents are deliberately unreported and are suppressed by the Main Stream media.

Here are some Tweets by the residents of Kerala with photos of what is really happening there in the name of Victory Celebrations of the IDF.


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