The Historical Persecution of Hindus

The Historical Persecution of Hindus

(GHN), 19-05-2016, New Delhi, India.  The Hindu communities worldwide are held in high esteem for their peaceful ways, hard work, good education and humanitarian approach. Unknown to most people in countries other than India is the plight of Hindus in their own motherland. Most westerners assume that Hindus like all other people in various countries, have rights just like themselves. This is very far from the Truth. The truth is unfortunately quite bitter. Very sadly, the peaceful Hindus have suffered numerous assaults, slaughters, insults, pillages, looting and tortures at the hands of the invaders. Never in history have the Hindus ever attacked another nation and never have they ever tried to expand their Dharm unlike the Christian and Islamic religions who expanded their religion by the sword. Hindus have been under attack for almost a thousand years. First it was the Muslims who attacked India and later it was the British and the Portuguese.

When the British left India, they divided India into two, creating India and Pakistan (The irascible Churchill had once famously gloated of how, after the Great War, he divided the Middle East with blind swishes of his fountain pen. Now it transpired that Radcliffe had done the same. Of the 29 districts of Punjab, 16 went to Pakistan, 13 to India. Gurdaspur came India’s way and Lahore, the jewel in India’s crown, was now Pakistan’s. Mayhem ensued. {Anand Ranganathan, The Vanishing Hindus of Pakistan-A Demographic Study; Jan, 9, 2015}). And replaced their Administration with a set of Indians who further sub-divided Hindus and India along caste (varna) and religious lines.

Here are some of the injustices faced by Hindus in India:
  1. The Muslims Invaders have over the centuries slaughtered millions of Hindus. Apart from the looting and pillaging, under Mughal rule hundreds of Temples were destroyed, millions of Hindus were slaughtered, women raped, carried away and children butchered. Numerous Hindus were forced to convert to Islam under the threat of death.
  2. The Muslims were known for not only destroying temples but also for converting Temples to Mosques. Thus to this day Hindus are fighting legal battles to regain some of the prominent Hindu temples. (Ram JanamBhoomi, Krishna Janam Sthal, Kashi Vishwanath, etc.)
  3. When the Portuguese arrived in India, they severely tortured Hindus to convert many hundred thousand people to Christianity.When the British arrived, they not only plundered the wealth of India but enslaved the Hindus. 1800 million Hindus lost their lives under British rule. (Shelley Kasli, Jan, 13, 2013) (Indian Holocaust under British Raj). Many were converted to Christianity.
  4. The Portuguese and British promoted a wrong understanding of the ‘Varna’ system terming it ‘Caste’ and in many ways the Varna (Class or Type) system had numerous positives that were deliberately distorted and instead a false philosophy of lower Varna being abused by the Upper Varna was promoted. (In the Varna system, there was some abuse and misuse of power, as happens in all systems, but this was twisted as a weapon against the Hindus). The main objective of this effort was to destroy the two main Varna (Class or Type) who were the mind and the strength of Hinduism, namely the Brahmin (the priests and the educators) and the Kshatriya (the rulers and warriors). The main brunt of this attack was borne by the Brahmins who were systematically denigrated, and demoralized. This was a method to dominate the Hindus as well as to destroy and convert Hindus to Christianity.
  5. The British Government allotted unrestricted access to missionaries and allotted huge lands to the Churches making them the largest private landowners in India to this day.
  6. The biggest crime committed by the British in India was the Genocide of West Bengal which they called the Bengal Famine (1943) in which alone 1.5 million Hindus died due to starvation & including deaths from epidemics a total of 3.5 million Hindus died. It was a deliberate criminal act of ignoring the Hindus. The excuse given by historians is that the British Empire was busy with the war effort against the Nazis and sent food supplies to the war from India which caused a food shortage. However, there were famines in India before that as well which were not properly managed by the British so Hindus were dying before the war as well. The food shortages were deliberately created while ignoring the people dying in Bengal and in entire India. It was Winston Churchill’s biggest crime. While delving into official documents and oral accounts of survivors, it paints a horrifying portrait of how Churchill, as part of the Western war effort, ordered the diversion of food from starving Indians to already well-supplied British soldiers and stockpiles in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, including Greece and Yugoslavia. Lord Wavell, appointed Viceroy of India that fateful year, considered the Churchill government’s attitude to India “negligent, hostile and contemptuous”. (Churchill’s Secret war, Madhushree Mukherjee). 1.8 billion Hindu violent and non-violent avoidable deaths occurred in the period  of 1757-1947 under British rule and it was a bigger Genocide than the Jewish Holocaust (11 million Jews). (Shelley Kasli, Jan, 13, 2013) (Indian Holocaust under British Raj).
  7. To further the goal of destroying the Hindus, the (British promoted) new Independent Indian Government (which was influenced by manipulation and deceit by the British) further took away the rights of the Hindus to manage their major temples and trusts. The money in these temples is taken over by the government. While the State funds Muslim and Christian activities including subsidy for the annual Haj Pilgrimage, the State governments continue to takeover wealthy private temples that become popular to this day.
  8. While the Hindus lost their rights to manage their Temples and trusts, the Muslims and Christian were given full control of their religious institutions. A similar privilege was accorded to the Sikhs as well. The Sikh community was deliberately broken from the Hindus to create a rift.
  9. Whereas the Christians and Muslims may be smaller in numbers in India however they are majority religions in the world and support their religious communities and missions with wealth, political support, legal aid, coverage and promotion by the media much to the detriment of the Hindus.
  10. The Government also created separate laws for Muslims and other communities including Hindus. Hence India does not have uniform civil code/laws. The Hindus are at a disadvantage.
  11. The Government of India that was promoted by the British promoted a division based on Caste and Religion. The Government instead of actually working towards uplifting the downtrodden classes (termed as Scheduled Castes) (SC) decided to adopt a short cut to promote them by reserving jobs for them irrespective of merit. This was meant to be a temporary measure that would be withdrawn later. This is popularly called ‘Reservation’ or Caste based Reservation in the Indian context. Later, there were numerous other groups that were added to this reservation category called Scheduled Tribes (ST) and yet later another group was added to this called other backward castes (OBC’s).
  12. Instead of revoking the laws that created this temporary system, most political parties instead chose to use them as what came to be termed as ‘Vote Bank Politics’. India is sometimes called a country of villages and politics in villages is very different from the cities. A large number of these SC, ST & OBC’s live in villages, often most are uneducated, so the elders of these communities are influenced and often bribed by the politicians who get en-bloc voting from these communities.
  13. According to the 1951 Pakistan Census (which most Hindus suspect shows lesser Hindus than were actually present) (It also excludes SC, ST, and OBC’s, all clubbed as SC), the population of Hindus in Pakistan was 22%, (of which it was 1.6% in West Pakistan (present day Pakistan) and 22.05% in East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh), today the population of Hindus in Pakistan has remained around 1.6%, while in Bangladesh it has reduced to around 8%. 49 Million Hindus are missing from Bangladesh due to Muslim atrocities almost 4.5 times the 11 million Jews who died in the Holocaust.
  14. During the India-Pakistan war in 1971, approximately 2.4 Million Hindus were murdered and about 100,000 women raped in just one year. Even today in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindu women are kidnapped and raped, while Hindu men are stabbed and murdered. The International community is blind and silent to this continuing holocaust.
  15. Indian Census, 1951 places Muslims at 9.8% and Hindus at 84.1%. Indian Census, 2011 places Muslims at 14.2% and Hindus at 78.35%. Actually the recent Census figures are suspect due to higher Muslim birth rate and large scale infiltration by Bangladeshi Muslims. Private surveys and opinions have placed the population of Muslims above 20%. Thus the population of Hindus is reducing while Muslims are growing.
  16. The Muslims from among various methods, most often very violent, in India, after independence, as is well known, chose one silent yet legal and non-violent means of increasing their numbers, that of unrestricted birth rate. But that was not enough, from what is now known as Bangladesh, they made a determined and well thought out plan to infiltrate into India from the very porous borders of the states of West Bengal & Assam. Today, the demographics have changed substantially, with the Hindus becoming a minority in their own lands often losing their rights. These Bangladeshi Muslims and other Muslims were conveniently termed as minorities. These illegal Muslim immigrants were again treated as a Vote Bank by Politicians and were legalized, at the cost of displacing Hindus and often the Hindus lose their properties and even their lives.
  17. Probably the most outright crime against the Hindus in India during recent times to which the International community has turned a blind eye is the Genocide and displacement of the Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmins), (1989). The Muslims of Kashmir being in majority participated in killing and uprooting all Kashmiri Pandits from their ancestral home and lands in Kashmir, as well as, the Sikhs and other Hindus who lived there too were uprooted and numerous killed. One must add that not only has the international community turned a blind eye to the fate and suffering of the Hindus but instead have supported the Kashmiri Muslims- the perpetrators of these crimes and have the other way around accorded them the victim status.
  18. In all Muslim dominated areas, the destruction of Hindu Temples continues unabated, whether it is in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir or other parts of India with little or no media coverage.
  19. The Indian press is not merely a silent spectator to these issues but usually deliberately creates an anti-Hindu view of the facts always at the cost of the Hindus. The latest incident being the violence fueled by Muslims against Hindus in the Muslim majority town of Malda, West Bengal (2016). The modus operandi of the Muslims is to loot and burn down Hindu properties leaving the Hindus homeless, starving, penniless and helpless.
  20. That the monies used by the Christian missionaries are sent by Western Missionaries and Secret Services to NGO’s with the deliberate aim of conversions (Joshua Project and Project Thessalonica) and of destabilizing India. Unknown to most in the western world, the missionaries for decades worked to convert people in the North Eastern Indian states of Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland which have become Christian majority states. The Christian militancy in these states is just as rabid as the Islamic Militancy in the Gulf. It is propagation of Christianity through violence, extremism, bribery and deceit.
  21. The Western Funded Missionaries work almost like Multi Level Marketing executives and are rewarded money for the conversions that take place. Today, Missionary activity is rampant all over India. Large scale conversions are being affected in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab to name a few states. A large part of this money funded by western countries is used in anti-India activities. Large numbers of conversions to Christianity, almost 50% are done by bribing people with money, gifts, jobs and offers for foreign travel.
  22. The Muslims too are funded by the money sent by the Saudi regime and the Pakistanis (usually through their secret service ISI) who in turn are funded by the US (including CIA) under a ‘no questions asked’ mutual benefit deal. These monies are used to target Hindus.
  23. The Indian Media too has been funded using these monies to create fake and biased news against Hindus. In the same way, the Indian film industry has been used to malign the Hindus whereas Christians and Muslims are shown in good light. There is a long list of such movies; examples of such movies are PK (2014); Haider (2014).
  24. In this way Anti-Hindu activities are continued by Western and Muslim countries in India. The western media is fed anti-Hindu anti-India news to create a pressure on any Hindu person, organization or government that does not obey this agenda. Recently, a documentary movie was especially ordered by the western powers to show India and Hindus in bad light (Daughters of India) (2014). The movie was made by breaking the Indian Law in terms of permissions and illegal access to the jailed inmate against the provisions of Indian Penal Code.
  25. Any Hindu organization, party, group or person who tries to protect Hindu interests (even if they are not on an offensive) gets dubbed as intolerant, militant, extremist, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, Fanatic Hindu, etc. Such is the role of and hold on the media of these anti-Hindu forces especially of the Christian Missionaries.
  26. The Western Media is used by the Western Governments and the Church to create pressure on and to blackmail Hindus into compliance often by spreading incorrect news stories to deliberately put Hindus on the defense.
  27. The Western world has very successfully created a body of Scholars, Journalists, Political class who promote their agenda that is often Anti-Hindu and Anti-India.

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