Omar and Rahul – Do you see any similarity?

Omar and Rahul – Do you see any similarity?


Do you see any similarity between the two? Oh yes they are both wearing fur caps. They are both wearing shawls.  They both support each other’s governments. They both come from “secular”  parties or rather pseudo-secular pro terrorist parties. They both are diplomatic on Islamic terrorism.

This apart they both are heirs to political dynasties.

What we may not know is that they both have Kashmiri lineage. They both look quite like each other. We wonder if the common lineage is behind this similarity or if there is something more fundamental in the similarity that their families have had about the happenings in Kashmir over the last six and a half decades?

In fact their fathers Rajiv Gandhi and Farrouq Abudallah also had similarities – both political and facial. So also did their ancestors Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abudallah. Maybe the answer to the root of all this similarity – both political and facial is Pandit Motilal Nehru.

We cannot say more on the similarity part. But if a Gandhi scion does become the Prime Minister of India anytime in the future – Kashmir would remain  a festering wound as the familial origins of both these political dynasties – Nehru -Gandhi and the Abdullahs runs deep. In fact quite deeper and allegedly has not just regional or political dimensions – but also biological.

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