Nitish’s falsehood and ignorance about Bihar’s history

Nitish’s falsehood and ignorance about Bihar’s history

Nitish’s falsehood and ignorance about Bihar’s history. Modi seems to know better.

And this is about Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s ignorance of the history of Bihar. Modi seems to know the state’s history better than Nitish.

Nitish Kumar is either lying through his teeth or he is ignorant about Bihar’s history in spite of being a Bihari. modi_and_nitish_bihar_elections

Takshshila was part of the Maurya Empire. And Alexander’s forces dared not fight the army of Dhananand and retreated because of the might of the Magdhan army that was ready to welcome them near river Beas that was part of the Nanda Empire that ruled Magadh before the Maurya empire.

Later, Chandrgupta Maurya, guided by Chanayaka, reclaimed the Greek ruled territory beyond Beas, driving out the Greek satraps left behind by Alexander. This included Takshshila.

Acharya Chanayaka came from the University of Takshshila. He was a professor of economics and political science there. He mentored Chandrgupta Maurya.

The Guptas ruled Magadh after the Mauryas and their empire covered nearly the whole of India and Afghanistan. Chandragupta Vikramaditya was also one of the rulers of this clan. Their capital was Pataliputra (Patna)… Nitish Kumar seems totally unaware of this fact.

The high points of the period was the growth of fine arts and creative activities like architecture, sculptures, paintings, drama, dance, music. etc.

The Gupta period produced scholars such as Kalidasa, Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Vishnu Sharma and Vatsyayana who made great advancements in many academic fields. Science and political administration reached new heights during the Gupta era. It was the era of wealth and prosperity and opulence that finally led to decadence. It is also considered the golden era of India.

Nitish Kumar claims to have visited Takshshila in Pakistan. He has forgotten the fact that Pakistan and Afghanistan (Gandhar) were part of India during the ancient Magadhan empire. He visited Takshshila without even knowing that Biharis once ruled it. What a shame?

Nitish may have forgotten about Bihar’s glorious past, but Modi remembers and while he was reminding the Bihari youth about it, the IM terrorists , the ones nurtured by the vote bank and appeasement politics of Nitish, were exploding bombs and the brave Biharis stood their ground in the face of the deplorable cowardly assault.

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