War in Syria and fate of Iran

War in Syria and fate of Iran

The United States and Europe are working towards peaceful change with Iran, but in his meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rohani (Rowhani) President Obama has said he will not accept just another promise from Tehran to not build nuclear weapons unless it’s accompanied by specific actions.

President Obama’s approach is that if Iran is serious about not producing nuclear weapons, it will destroy its centrifuges, heavy water plant and missiles that can deliver nuclear warheads, much as South Africa did. But we believe an agreement with USA and Europe is not likely, sending the issue to the U.N. Security Council soon. iran_syria_war_gr1

Israeli attack on Iran coming finally in 2014

We foresee Israel launching a pre-emptive strike. We call it the ‘Samson option’ in the book [‘taking down the temple around you’], because Israel cannot afford to wake up one day and find out Iran has nuclear weapons by seeing a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. They won’t tolerate that risk.

We need to understand that the Iranians have made it extremely difficult for Israel, with more than 300 nuclear- related facilities.

The government of Israel, from everything we can detect, has no enthusiasm for attacking Iran, If it comes to it, it will be because the government is convinced that someday, in the lying and cheating the mullahs have done, they can no longer risk that Iran has reached the point of no return where they have everything necessary to make a bomb.
If Israel does attack, it probably would target about 10 facilities in an air strike carried out in conjunction with the United States. Obama has stated repeatedly, that Israel has a right to defend itself, and we believe this includes a pre-emptive strike

What Iran would do in retaliation is not clear. They could use Hezbollah against Israel.

It could be an extremely volatile situation,as the US itself has troops in Iraq and the Gulf that could be attacked even with conventional missiles by Iran.

Obviously no one the world over desperately wants a military solution, but if Iran gets nuclear weapons, it is distinct from other armed nations  because of its history of suicidal terrorism.
If they do get nuclear weapons, you can count on it, just count the days down, there will be a nuclear war in our time, and the explosions will include Tel Aviv and cities in the United States.

Irans record of lying spans 25 years

Iran’s has falsely insisted that its nuclear program is only for its energy needs is implausible. Nobody believes that Iran is sitting on approximately one-fourth of the world’s proven reserves of natural gas and oil, he pointed out. Nuclear energy is a more expensive form of energy; one that the country does not need to go into the development of.

Even the U.N.’s International Agency for Atomic Energy has admitted that for 25 years Iran has been lying about its nuclear technologies capability. Recently, it was reported the Iranian Republic secretly had purchased cruise missiles from the Ukraine capable of holding nuclear

Iran also has tested its Shahab-3 missile, which can fly 1,700 fast and accurately — more than enough range to reach Tel Aviv. They have  constantly been lying about their enrichment of uranium.

The Iranians have got one of the largest abilities to enrich uranium in the Middle East, including a heavy water plant whose main purpose is to produce plutonium.

An Attack on Iran may lead to 200 million casualties

The cleric-led regime has said it’s willing to take 200 million casualties in the world as long as a nuclear conflagration ultimately destroyed the state of Israel. They mean it when they say death to Israel and death to the United States.

Their rabid anti-Semitic Jewish hatred is almost identical to what we saw from Hitler, and with Hitler we had a holocaust that killed 6 million Jews and a World War that killed at least another 60 million.

Meanwhile, the mullahs are operating as a Mafia and living in luxury. They have offshore contracts where they’re raking off oil profits and sharing them in many cases with their friends in Europe. They’ve bought for themselves and their families and their adult children high-rise luxury apartments in the United Arab Emirates. They have their bank accounts, private bank accounts stacked away in Syria or in Europe. At the same time, the average person in Iran is living on less than a dollar a day.

The profits of $200 million a day to these mullahs are going to their personal enrichment, the development of nuclear weapons, and putting money into the United States in the various ways it gets here to buy legitimacy, to have American politicians say that we can work with them, to argue that they should be given nuclear fuel because it’s their right as a nation.

So President Obama and the US administration needs to be ultra cautious when dealing with the fork-tongued Iranian President Hassan Rohani (Rowhani) especially so with anti-Bashar war in Syria on the boil.


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