Modi, Sri Krishna and the Pseudo-secular Media

Modi, Sri Krishna and the Pseudo-secular Media

Narendra Modi as Sri KrishnaCan Modi learn from the actions of Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata about what he should do to the pseudo-secular communist controlled English media in India after his swearing in ceremony?

This question needs to be answered now to put the fear of being dishonest in the hearts of the phony, anti-India, pro-terrorist, pseudo secular Indian mainstream English media. The pro-terrorist specimen who occupy the editors’ desks at HT, DNA, TOI, IE et al have a habit of hurling trumped up charges of fake “encounters” against anyone who wants to throttle Islamic terrorism.

Sushil Kumar Shinde’s statement asking the Indian Police force to stop targeting Muslim youth is a dangerous portend of the shape of things to come  

The Indian pseudo secular communist controlled media will soon start an orchestrated campaign against Modi and raise to a shrill pitch their favorite canard of fake “encounters” by Modi. This is the one way they can pillory the fearless Modi. Not that this can have any effect, – but this is what they will start in a few days as we prepare for the 2104 elections. Just watch these words.

By raising this canard of fake “encounters” by Modi to a deafening cacophony, the phony, anti- India, pro-terrorist mediapersons who occupy the editors’ desks at HT, DNA, TOI, IE et al., will try to corner Modi. They have no other go now that Modi is on his winning streak.

Modi should learn from the slaying of Bhishma and Drona before that of Duryodhana in the Kurukshtra War

Modi on his part should remember what the Mahabharata teaches us – how on the advise of Sri Krishna Arjuna first dispatched Bhishma and Drona to the heavens before the Pandavas could send over Duryodhana and Dushasana. Emulating our famous ancestors – Sri Krishna, Arjuna, Bheema –  Modi should also first bring under the scanner the anti-national pro-terrorist activities of those in the HT, DNA, TOI, IE  as also those in the electronic media in NDTV, CNN-IBM, Times Now, et al.

Once in power, the next administration which rules India from South Block should dispatch these criminal pinko commie media persons in India to what their own patrons used to term ‘re-education centers’ al la the famed camps in now extinct Communist Soviet Union or in the Red China whose red color is fast fading into a shade of pale pink soon to be stark white.

How does that sound to those who are today comfortably brewing up stories of fake “encounters” to undermine India’s future Prime Minister.

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